Research Round #1 - How Does The General Traits Of Teenagers Affect Our Daily Lives?

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For my new inquiry question, I decided to look into "How Does The General Traits Of Teenagers Affect Our Daily Lives?" I think this topic is important to dig deeper into because teenagers have been changing as a whole, and informing us of this change will help everyone have a better understanding of each other. For this round of research, I plan to examine...

What is a trait? 

What are common traits for all age groups? 

What is a trait?

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According to the dictionary a trait is: a distinguishing quality or characteristic that belongs to a person. (1) Basically it's different parts of a person's personality, behaviour and physical appearances that make a person unique and special. Everyone has different traits about themselves and that makes you your own person. Some examples of traits are ... 

  • Honest.
  • Loyal.
  • Devoted.
  • Loving.
  • Kind.
  • Sincere.
  • Ambitious. (2) 


What are common traits for all age groups? 

Babies: (Cry, Innocent, Bubbly)

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Babies don't really have common traits yet because they have only been around in the world for a short period of time and many of them change their personality and attitude as they grow up and find themselves as a person. (3)

Children: (Choleric: Adventurous, determined, outspoken, competitive, strong-willed) (Sanguine: Playful, sociable, talkative, lively, imaginative) (Melancholy: Detailed, orderly, persistent, respectful, deep) (Phlegmatic: Thoughtful, controlled, adaptable, attentive, diplomatic)

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Children are still young and discovering themselves but researchers have cut it down to 4 major groups of personality and attitude traits. Most fit under the 4 categories of being a leader, having fun, getting things just right, and caring about other's feelings, but there are always some exceptions which can cause personality clashes between children and others. (4) 

Teens: (Independent, risk seeking, extraverted, romantic, emotional, rebellious)

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Teens generally have the same traits because we all have hormones and strong emotions that can influence our traits. Although some teens become rebellious, most are just more resistant to authority from parents because we believe we can make our own decisions. (5,6)

Adults: (Practical, Goal Orientated, Autonomy, competence and mastery) 

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Adults have a set of traits that show they are looking forward to the big picture in the long run. They are very autonomy which means adults like to have a sense of control and many different options with choices when completing tasks. (7)

Elderly: (controlling, domineering, stubborn) (friendly, kind, sweet)  

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The elderly can be described with 2 different sets of traits either they are very warm and kind or they could be very stubborn and can only see one point of view. Even though, they can be controlling the elderly have their sweet side even if you can't see it. 


Overall, each age group has their set of different traits, and I can't believe most of them are true. I thought these traits would be stereotypical, but after doing my research and reflecting on my life, I believe the traits are spot on. Keep in mind that these are only some traits possessed by some people in that age category. Each person is made up of a large combination of different traits that make you the person you are. 


For my second round of research, I will be looking into different types of traits and below are my sub questions. 

What is a behaviour trait? 

What is a personality trait? 

How does these traits impact teen lives? 

Does gender play a role in teen traits? 

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Awesome post Lauren! I really liked how you included traits for all different age groups (babies-elderly). I also agree with the point you made that these traits could be seen as stereotypical. But I liked how you were able to see how sometimes they could be true, by relating them to your own life. I personally have seen these traits in people of each age group, which makes me believe these are not stereotypical really. When looking at how traits impact teens lives in your next round, it may be good to consider what may make their traits change as they grow into young adults. Do we start looking to the future and setting goals? Just an idea!

 Hi Lauren!

 I was interested to learn about the common traits among people of different age groups. It's interesting how the traits among children were categorized into four groups as well. I wonder if any child would feel they don't fit into any of those groups. I'm also curious as to if the time period a person grew up in would affect their traits, for instance, somebody who was born in the 1950s may be different from someone who grew up in the 1980s- they'd be the same age but in different times. 

 I think it would be useful for you to look at the Myers-Briggs personalities. If you're unfamiliar I'll leave a link for you to look at.

 Good luck!

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