Research Round 1 - Cycle 2- Why Do Some Teens Feel The Need To Put Great Effort Into Their Apperances While Others Don't?

Hello everyone, 

For my first round of research, I will be looking into...

  • What is the difference between being over dress and underdressed?
  • Is being overdressed better than under dressed? or are both equally bad? 
  • How are trends different or similar in the 1990 compared to 2017/2018?


What does it mean to be overdressed?

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When someone says you're overdressed it could mean two things, either you are dressed to formal for the event or you are wearing too much clothing. For most people it's when you dress too formal for the event. An example could be going to a pool party and arriving in a prom dress. Normal attire for an event like this would be shorts and a t-shirt with your bathing suit. (1) 


What does it mean to be underdressed?

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As expected when you are underdressed that means you are dressed too informally for the event or you don't have enough clothes on which is the opposite to being overdressed. The example for being underdressed could be on a snowy December day wearing shorts and a t-shirt to school without a jacket. Most students during this time of year would be wearing long pants, boots, heavy jackets and maybe a tuque. (2)  


Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed? Or are both equally as bad? 

For this question, I'm going to be answering with my own opinion because looking on the internet, I found it's all very opinionated so why not just express my own. Please feel free to comment your own opinions below later on this question as well.

Personally, I find being either overdressed or underdressed equally as bad, but if I had to choose one, being underdressed is definitely worse. In my opinion if you happen to be overdressed, you can always take off layers and keep cool whereas if you don't have enough clothing there isn't more to put on. Not to mention in the winter time, if you're bundled up a little bit more it will probably go unnoticed by people, but if you show up in shorts and a t-shirt you will draw some attention to yourself. Lastly, for any event I feel like it's always better to come a little bit overdressed than underdressed because your appearance can give off your mood. If you show up to a birthday party in a nice dress it will portray your happy to be here, but if you arrive in sweatpants it may seem like you want to be at home watching a movie. Overall, dressing to what is required is always the best but if you have to lean towards one side being overdressed to me is always the better option. 


 Trends in the 1990s

Frosted Tips - This particular hairstyle became popular after the group NSYNC decided to get frosted tips, but the trend took off when a specific group member, Justin Timberlake sported the look.  In 2018, the trend has died down but chef Guy Fieri has proven that frosted tips can still be in style. (3) 

Neon Windbreakers - Surprisingly, this trend started in the 80's but it didn't really become popular until the Fresh Prince of Bel-air came out in the early 90's. Everyone wanted to have a neon windbreaker to look just like Will Smith who wore the jacket on many episodes. In 2017/2018 Nike windbreakers were very popular but the difference is they are all shades not neon colours which means the trend is still somewhat alive. (3,4)

 A trend that has continued to exist today

Velvet - Back in the 90's velvet became very popular when Gwyneth Paltrow wore a red velvet suit at the 1996 MTV awards. People thought she looked super cool and started a trend. It relates to us now in 2017/2018 because a lot of stores are bringing velvet back like Garage. As expected the material is the same but the clothing is updated to the style that teens (specifically girls) would like to wear. (5,6)

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For my next round of research, I will be looking into how social media has an impact on teens appearances. These are the deeper questions that I will be looking into.

How does social media affect how teens dress? Does it lower or raise the standards? 

Is a specific platform of social media more influential than others? 

How does social media set trends that are hard for most teens to keep up with, especially, if they have a budget? 










Please feel free to comment and give your opinions on my post because my question can be very opinion based, and I'd appreciate if you would share your opinion with me as well. 

Original Post

Hey Lauren,,,

Nice work!According to your research on how some teens keep effort in their appearance while others don't do it simply because maybe because they like dressing that way or maybe they are used to do it.As for me its better to overdress than to underdress because maybe am used to do it and its so much respectful and decent.Thats my opinion.

Good luck in your research!

Hey Lauren!

I like how you described underdressing and overdressing as a physical thing. When I thought a bout overdressing and underdressing I thought about the different styles of people. Think it'd be interesting to go look into the different dynamics of clothing style. As well as what's popular right now. Just an idea though  

good luck!!

 Hi Lauren! 

 This project is very interesting, and I'm finding it useful in relation to my own research . I like your analysis of the different trends. 

 I agree with your opinion- being overdressed is easier to undo than being underdressed. I think both situations are awkward, but like you said, you can always take things away if you are overdressed, but you can't add if you're under dressed. 

 If you're focussing in social media in your next research round, you could think about why social media has such an influence on appearance. 

 Good luck with future research! 

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