Research #2 (Cycle 2) - How Might Concussions Affect Teen's Brain Development?

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In this post I am going to research and compare a concussion with shaken baby syndrome to see how different concussions are from other brain injuries.


Concussions are a very serious injury that can be found in people in all age ranges because the injury can happen at anytime from a fall, hit or even from playing a sport. (1,2) With every injury comes symptoms and concussion symptoms can be very painful. The symptoms include headaches, nausea, slurred speech, appearing dazed and fatigue. (3) Also children and teen's have higher risk of having a concussion because of all the sports they play.(4) For this injury, recovery time could be short term or long term. Athlete's recovery time may take 7-30 days but everybody is different. Recovery time is based off of severity, history with concussions, personal history and personal pain. (5)

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome is normally caused at a very young age because a baby is abused by a parent, guardian or an older person. It is caused when someone shakes the baby violently or consistently hits their head against the an object. By doing so, the baby's head is rotated uncontrollably and their brain tissue is teared causing bleeding in the brain. (6) Also, men are more likely to inflict harm against the baby versus a women because men tend to confess more and their strength is more obvious.(7) As a result of shaking babies, they could have disabilities, loss of eyesight and hearing and in the worst cases it can cause death. (8)

Some differences between the 2 brain injuries include

- recovery time

- the cause of the injury

- average ages that are affected

- long term differences












Next week I am going to examine my survey data (please take my survey its called Concussion Survey) and look into the changes of personality after suffering a concussion.

Sorry for a shorter post this week. Please feel free to comment because it  would be very helpful to get other peoples perspectives.

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Hi Lauren,

This is a very interesting topic because many of us have had,or possibly will have, a concussion in our lifetimes. One thing that you can perhaps look into is how multiple concussions affect people vs just one concussion. Are people that undergo multiple concussions affected differently than people that undergo just one concussion? Here are some resources that you could perhaps compare to determine this.

I hope that this helps and good luck with your research!

Hi Lauren,

That shaken baby syndrome sounds very scary and violent, I sure hope it's not a common thing! Just in case you're wondering, I did your concussion survey. I think you chose really good questions for it, because it was short and easy but it got the information you needed. As for personality changes in a person suffering a concussion, I think that's really interesting! As you probably already know, my topic is about personality. Here's a website that I think you might find useful in your research:

Good luck, and I'm interested to see what you find!

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