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Hey guys! Today I'm going to be posting my first round of research for this cycle on my project on Education in Canada. I'm going to be looking into the the top 4 post-secondary institutes in B.C.

Top universities in B.C.:

1. University of British Columbia (UBC). Vancouver (main) and Kelowna.

(2) The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908. It has an enrolment of 62,923 students (54,236 students at Vancouver campus, 8,687 Okanagan students). The school has an acceptance rate of 40-50%, making it the lowest acceptance rate in the province. You need a mid-high 80s average to get accepted into most programs at the school. It 15,660 faculty and staff members. There are 13,183 international students at the Vancouver location, and 1,251 at the Okanagan location. The school is ranked 36th in the world in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

2. Simon Fraser University (SFU). Burnaby.

(4) Simon Fraser University was founded in 1965. It has an enrolment of 30,00 students, and 6,500 faculty and staff. You need a mid-high 80s average to get accepted into most programs at the school.

3. University of Victoria (UVIC). Victoria

(5) The University of Victoria was founded in 1963. It has around 21,696 students and 5,156 faculty and staff. The school has 3,391 international students from 109 countries. You need a mid-high 70s average to get accepted into most programs at the school, but for some programs you will need a mid-high 80s average.

4. British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Burnaby.

British Columbia Institute of Technology was founded in 1960. It has 18,000 full-time students and 29,000 part-time students. The school has 2,400 faculty and staff. BCIT has over 3,100 international students from 90 countries.



3. https://www.timeshighereducati...order/asc/cols/stats




Next post, I'm going to be looking into the top universities in Canada.

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Hey Payton,

Great round of research! I find it interesting that only 40-50% of people get accepted into UBC considering I know many people that have been excepted into there. Something that I have been wondering about your topic is "Do universities in Kenya specialize in different things than Canada? or do any of the universities even specialize in anything? For example I've heard that BCIT has a great nursing program which they specialize in.  Here are some links on universities and their specialities. I can't wait to read your next round of research.

Hi Payton,

Are you interested in looking at the variety of programs that these universities offer? If so, it might be cool to compare similar programs from different universities and see which ones are "the best" or even the best for different learning types. Or even looking into smaller post secondary education options and what their benefits and drawbacks are.

Good work! 

Hi Payton,

This is a chic research on universities where here in our homeland we call  them campus.its very upsetting such that one admires to visit those in Canada after high school.Surely according to your research i can see they are of  high nobility.With your research you will show us more on Canada education as Allan show more on Kenya education.

Nice time.

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