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On my last post ,I was working on the effects of climate change on marine life .Today I will be dealing with the relationship between drought ,climate change and corruption.

Corruption is the dishonest and fraudulent conduct by those in power ,typically involving bribery .For instance ,Kenya is a country located in the horn of Africa ,though it is an economic powerhouse, it is being faced by an ongoing drought which has been further fueled by the political climate and failure of policies which has been in place to curb the occurrence of a drought.

Today I am going to discuss a region found in Kenya which has been affected by drought for long . The region is about 500 kilometres from Kenya's capital ,Nairobi. The  county is known as Turkana county inhabited by the Turkana community .The main reason for the worsening state of drought is the disconnect between the capital from where the decisions concerning each county are made.

The second factor that has contributed by far to  the bad state of drought in Turkana is the negligence or rather  tribalism ad isolation of the county.The county has been long been neglected despite the climate of the place being harsh for any kind of income generating activity such as agriculture and trade.Despite aids from Kenyans who contribute dry foods in movements such as 'Kenyans for Kenyans' the relief does not get to the intended recipients as it is sold to business people who store it only to sell the food to those affected by drought at a higher cost exploiting them.

The county receives its share when it comes to the allocation of funds to the counties by the national government and even receives some extra money  as the equalization fund ,often given to poor counties to bring them close to the other developed counties.The problem comes in when the county government is making its decisions.A good and stable government should prioritise the most of basic needs to human life other than concentrating on development such as roads and lighting.

Kenya as a country has a  place on the world map when it comes to corruption and to be honest,corruption has its roots in the 47 counties making the country.The county(Turkana county) has lost over 56,000,000 shillings to corrupt officials serving in the government.Some of the money is as donations from NGO's and individuals whose main aim is to help the residents of this county out of mercy.

As I wrap up my post,corruption is the backbone of all evils happening in the country especially Kenya. The country needs to come up with legislations to punish people in the government and in the private sector who indulge themselves in corrupt practices.

     post ref:read:https://www.dw.com/en/kenyas-hunger-crisis-fueled-by-history-of-rural-neglect/a-38561197


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Hello @Samuel Peter Shirazi (Tigithi)

Very nicely done on this post! I could see a lot of effort was put into finding out and forming together all the information. I found reading your post allowed me to learn about your topic quite deeply. It was really interesting how you tied climate change and corruption into a topic.

One of our little projects for a category called Social Responsibility deals with the environmental topic. Its interesting to compare and contrast the differences. Our collaboration project is cleaning up pollution from shores. While it is small, it is a positive attempt to make a change. The corruption you mentioned in your post is a massive negative effect that brings about damage to the environment and health. 

What's more, it was also really interesting to read about the local impacts. It is really unfortunate about the "Kenyan for Kenyan" relief was not being fully completed. Hopefully potential solutions will arise soon. 

Suggestions to make your future research posts more amazing: 
Taking a look at other corruptions (in other areas in Africa or even other parts of the world) and see if there are similar situations occurring. How are they different and how are they similar. Some reputable sources to get you started are: 



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Hey peter....nice research you doing on drought....lets see..right now the state in Turkana is worsening ..Lots of well wishers are seen helping but the help is not seen ..rhetorical right...we even wondering if its service to humanity or service to media life...we see our governors help in social media but not in real world ...why take the media instead of the help needed???...I guess that's where corruption and draught come in as money is allocated for this arid areas but goes into leaders bellies.....I was in Turkana last week and trust me the place going to be a tourist attraction and example to other countries if corruption doesn't end in our country.....ever thought of shifting the idea like what if this corruption can be used for positivity . It may he a simple point of view but am sure there is positivity just not sure how... Maybe find out.. 

A challenge though.... Do you really think the disconnection of this two towns hinders help rendered. We have other distant towns right further than Turkana. ..I think the hindrance is the distance between the helping hand and the target .

Nice work you got... 

Hi Samuel,
that was a very powerful post.  Your post was very interesting to read and speaks the truth, it really gives a new perspective on some things.
Unfortunately, with power comes corruption.  It has been proven time and time again in history.  Anyone who came to power (even people who were fighting for freedom and came to power) eventually became corrupt.  It is always about money.  I totally agree with you when you said "...prioritize the most basic needs to human life...", that is really important.  Hopefully one day corruption will be eliminated from our society.  As the famous historian John Dalberg-Acton said "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
If you were to continue on this topic, here is a website that may help with your research on corruption and climate change:
Great job!
~Haley M.

Hi Samuel

Great post!  It was clear and easy to understand, while still being very mature in the writing.  I agree 100 percent with what you are saying.  I am  currently doing a speech on climate change for one of my classes.  I am in the research process and some of the things i have found out are crazy.  in October 2018, it was concluded that we only have 12 more years before a total catastrophe.  The insane thing is that i had no idea about it until now.  No one i knew did.  It's crazy to me that we hear more about celebrities than this.  The worst part of all is since then, there have been no laws or regulations in place by anyone.  How can that possibly be?

Not only does there need to be stronger reinforcements and regulations to this, it needs to stop all together.

Your post helped just made me more certain of the action that needs to be taken!

Good luck on your next round!

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