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 Today   i will  be looking  at reason for  recruiting women in    illegal groups .

Recruitment   it is the process    involved in choosing  individual for unpaid  role.

Managers  human resource    generalist and recruitment  specialists may be tasked with  carrying out recruitment.


Some  women see  themselves playing  a number of roles  in the groups. They see  themselves as recruiters  for other young women. They  see playing an important part.Most  of the girls are drawn by a combination  of fantasy and the feeding that by joining   the groups they will be empowered,have an existing  life, and something meaningful with they lives. Online  networks facilitates their travel and help coordinate them  with expat communities once they arrive.


A  cross   the rich  world more  women are working   than ever before to cope  this challenges of coming  decades such as;drought and  famine.Some of the sources of  the recruitment are; internal recruitment  and external recruitment.

When  women carry  out a suicide attack  they undermine the idea   of who and a terrorist is.What  generally not realized is the extent  to which are involved in illegal organisation.


The  purpose   of this article  is to explore and  to analyze the multifaceted  role of the women in the movement  of those organisation.The argument is  that the role of an organisation supporter  and operational facilitator is more important for  the maintenance of the operational capabilities and the  ideological motivation for illegal organisation.


This  articles  argues that  the woman follow  a gender-specification   interpretation of the  radical ideological.It means  that the women carry out a political   act by supporting their male relatives, educating   their children in the ideological and facilitating   in those illegal organisation.Also conditions of recruitment   and employment, these provide inadequate protection because since  they were first adopted the labour migration landscape has changed.

The  agencies  recruit workers  overseas and assign    them .Employers in the construction sector.Right-wing  organisation have increasingly targeted women for recruitment  in the past several years especially with the advent of the  internet,and women roles within the organisations are expanding.The  internet has become a critical arena for recruitment,propaganda dissemination  and intra-group participation for women.


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Hi Winnie!

Great post! Very informative.  I found your research to be very interesting because it's always fascinating to obtain someone else's perspective, especially when it doesn't line up with your own. So, learning about some possible reasons why someone would want to join an illegal group. For your next round, I suggest clarifying what you mean by illegal group. This way, I believe your audience will have an even easier time understanding your research.

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

Good luck!

Hey Winnie, 

Great research round on women joining illegal groups. It's quite upsetting to hear that women are joining groups under the influence of others who put a fantasy in their mind and make them believe they are part of a better purpose. Perhaps in your next round of research you can start narrowing down the question and explain where the women are being recruited (like around the world) or specific ages. As you mentioned earlier these groups are using women as suicide bombers, maybe because they appear less suspicious. No matter what angle you view it from, these illegal groups are taking advantage of the women who are being put in difficult situations where their lives are on the line.  Anyways here is a link for future rounds and I look forward to reading what you come up with next!

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