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This is my question down below. Points covered in this post: Meta-Research/Cognition, Research, Effective research, Single Story Power Thai Commercial. 

Inquiry QuestionHow can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life? 

Let us begin with something you can relate. 
In school, specifically English class they talk about this often, they tell us that we are to become critical thinkers. We are to think about what we think. 
This word is, Meta cognition. 
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In simple terms, the definition according to Cambridge, Meta Cognition is being aware of your thoughts. By doing so, we can improve and further our understanding, knowledge and skills. (1) 

Why I mention this is because this is roughly what my research cycle is going to be about. We are going to be researching about researching! - To an certain extent.

... so.... Meta Research or something?

*Turns out, Meta Research is actually a word and in use (3) 

Moving forward, I will be taking a look at research and studying to see how we can improve ourselves and start to build a successful life.

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All of us are doing a form of researching right now with our posts. 

Oxford Dictionaries describes it as, 

"The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions."

We are gathering information and formulating conclusions based on what our findings are.  This is the essence of research. (2) (3) (9)

There are different ways from how we can research or approach research. Funneling down this topic, the general idea for research is this. 

  • We first establish the topic we want to look at. This is identifying and formulating the subject. This may be the toughest part for most people. If there are restrictions, we would need to choose a topic within that restriction range. This topic should be something that has a "manageable amount of information". Generally a topic that personally intrigues you ends up being more enjoyable. (3) (6) (9)
  • Next is working on the research aspect. This is tracking down materials and sources for you to find answers. This expands on to real people, books, online and more. Noting down where you got the information you have is key. (3) (5)
  • Marking down notes and evaluating your sources* is fairly important as some is not entirely correct. Detail is key and being careful helps. Before constructing the write up, you would want the information you have written is accurate as possible.  (3) (7) (8)


* Evaluation of sources. This is important because the emphasis of research is to find information that is reliable. One way of evaluating a source is TAARP  (7)

  • Timeliness- refers to the date and if is up to date for your topic and research. 
  • Authority- the question of who wrote the information. For example: Is it a spectator that has focused on the topic for 20 years or someone who studied and looks into the topic for a living? Peer-Reviewed ones are the best authority-type research. 
  • Audience- what is the information geared towards to. Is the language and information sophisticated or too simplistic. Grammar and nitty-gritty details here is to consider.
  • Relevance- is it a topic that really talks about your topic 
  • Perspective- are there biases in this source? Is the authority being undermined by some other as you dig deeper? 

If you think about it, this is a good skill and mindset to have. Questioning the origin of the story or information we are given. Whether if it is the complete truth or is there grey areas we need to take a look at before concluding on something. In our future, when we enter real life, this can apply to information we receive. Evaluating our information allows us to not be easily swayed- and potentially make wrong choices. 

Here is a great Thai video that shows the power of a single story.  (11)


Final add-on bonus- for you guys.
There are many of these, but here is one that works well for you to play music in the background right now while you proceed to do other work! (10)

This is a lead-on to the next post/research! 



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Thanks! See you in ROUND 2

My next topic will look into the pros and cons of this topic, what is success or considered success, mistakes and science behind the studying methods out there, delve into different research methods and learning. This will be a more extensive post. 


Teachers: Ms. Martin, Ms. Royle, Ms. Stuart.
S: stands for "Series" which is unique to a research question 

Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say? Type away below and i'll be sure to see them (and typically reply to them in my next post!)   

I look forward to seeing you read this, as I am looking forward to read your research too!


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Hey Jim!

Great idea of researching research!  I always love reading our posts because you add color, pictures and break up your words so they aren't terrifying huge paragraphs to read.  In your research are you going to be  looking into how to use researching to result in a successful life?  I am a little confused of what the question is getting at.  Is is how we use can research effectively to benefit us?  I'm not quite sure, it's probably only me that is confused but just in case maybe give a short explanation for me in your next round).  However that's not to say i didn't like your post.  I found it really helpful the ways to improve my research skills.  Your next round also sounds really interesting as well as beneficial. 

Here are 2 website that may help with the question of mistakes students make when studying for your next round:



Here is one looking into the different methods of studying and learning witch integrates with my own research rounds right now.


hope this helps with your next rounds i look forward to reading it!

Hi Jim! 

I really like how easy your post is to read and how you add pictures and videos to realize emphasize what you are saying.  I think it's really important to always make sure your source is reputable; it's really easy for most people nowadays to believe anything they found on the internet. When I personally do research, I always try and make sure my sources are reliable and usually check on multiple other sites to make sure. Maybe in a future research round, you could compare a reputable source about your topic and a non reputable source about your topic and explain how your research would change with both. 

Here's a website to help with your next research round:


Good luck!

Hello Jim,
The topic of research, in this case, seems quite interesting, especially with the way you have 3 kind of steps to how researching goes which seems to follow what people generally do when trying to write something about a topic. What I liked most about your post (excluding the awesome colouring) was “TAARP”, I found that to be quite an interesting thing to think about and I may just put that to use more in the future. I also really enjoyed watching the video, it really threw me for a twist there at the end when it showed what was really going on vs what the videos showed, I think it really did a good job of pointing out how sometimes the information that we get isn’t showing us all the truth and that we shouldn’t believe everything so easily. In the end, though I wonder if it is possible to still end up being misled after following all of those steps as they seem like a pretty good net. I’m excited to see what more I can learn in your next round!

Hopefully, these websites may be of some use to you in your next round:

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