Project Plan - Why Do We Have Trouble Sleeping?


For my new cycle, I'm exploring into a new question which is Why do we have trouble sleeping? I don't know anything much about this topic yet, so I'm going to be starting from the beginning. An idea I came up with is I want to uncover some myths about sleeping, so in my opening paragraph for each research round I'm going to briefly touch on a different sleeping myth. Hopefully at the end of my research, I will have 5 myths to uncover in my sixth research round. Now without a father of due I'm going to explain my project plan!


Research Round 1

It may seem a bit off topic, but in order to fully answer my question, I think I need to explore what sleeping really is and why do we need it. So for my first round I wish to investigate:

- What is sleeping and how it varies for different ages

- Why do we need sleep?

- What happens to our body and mind when we sleep?


Research Round 2

During this round of research, my plan is to look into serious medical conditions that cause people not to sleep, and with each medical condition I research, I want to have symptoms and ways to try and fix them.

The main conditions are:

Insomnia, Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy


Research Round 3

In this round of research, I'm going to explain some reasons behind sleeping issues, not medical issues but how stress, anxiety and depression can prevent people from sleeping. Also, I want to define the difference between stress issues which result in not sleeping verses medical issues.


Research Round 4

I think there are a lot of ways to help people to sleep and too many to cover in just one research round, so the fourth round of research is going to be ways to help you sleep part one. In this particular round, I'm going to dig into dieting like how unhealthy food choices and skipping meals can have an affect on sleeping. Not only am I going to address the problem, I want to also give options and ideas in how to fix it.   


Research Round 5

For my second research on how to help people with sleeping, I will investigate daily routines and how certain things can help you sleep. For example, how being on an electronic device before bed can be distracting and how having a daily sleeping routine can help sleeping.


Research Round 6

Lastly, I will uncover all the myths I briefly talked about in each of my research rounds before!


Some websites I might use are


Thanks for reading and I please feel free to comment and leave your opinions!


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Hey Lauren! 

This is a great question! Plenty of people now have trouble sleeping with or without knowing it! This seems like a sound plan you got there, very well planned out. 

Something you might want to look into is what i've read something about "the phone's blueness light at night" (so electronics) can affect your brain because it...disturbs brainwaves and stuff.

Link that talks about what i remember: https://www.scientificamerican...dtime-bad-for-sleep/

Can't wait to read your research, 

Inquiry Question: How do you pick yourself back up?(Re-aligning your life) 

Hi Lauren,

I'm impressed by your well-structured project plan. This is a great topic to share since a lot of us are teens who tend to avoid proper sleep. Something else you could look into is "what causes sleep disorders in kids with disabilities". Autism is a very common disability in our population and presents parents with unique challenges when it comes to ensuring they get proper sleep.

Looking forward to your next post!

Hello Lauren

I think sleep is a very important part in our lives.Think of this: what if we did not have resting moments? we take a sleep in order to refresh our minds and to also make the body active again for another work.For what i believe is that sleep varies with age.For a baby she get to have a deep sleep than an adult.

very much interesting.

Good luck in your research.

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