Project Plan - Why do we dream?

Hi everyone!

For my second research cycle this year, I’m going to be continuing with my question “Why do we dream?” This question has always been a topic of interest for me, so while doing this research,  I’ve learnt a lot and it is definitely something I’d want to keep researching. My main focus this cycle is going to be comparing sleep and dreams in children versus adults to change it up a bit from last cycle.

Here’s a small recap of what I did look into in my last cycle

RR1-   What is a dream really, what is REM and what happens in your brain and body while your dreaming.

RR2-  Different kinds of dreams people get, what they are and what happens in the brain while you have them.

RR3-  Sleep disorders (What they are, symptoms, causes) and how they affect your sleep and dreams.

RR4- Mental illnesses and how they affect sleep and dreams and the daily life.


Now here’s my plan of what to research this cycle

Research Round 1

For my first research round, I wanted to look at how the sleep cycle differentiates and changes with age, and how it affects dreams and sleep quality. For an example, a baby needs to sleep for more than half the day whereas an adult only needs about 6-8 hours, so I want to look at the differences in the sleep cycle and how that could affect dreams.  

Research Round 2

For my second research round,  I want to compare the psychological impacts of dreams in children versus adults. For an example, if an adult wakes up from a nightmare, they know it was just a dream and although it could be bothersome and stressful, they know it’s not real. But in a toddler, it could be different. They might become sad or afraid because they could think that it’s real even though it’s not. So I think comparing the two and looking at the differences would be interesting.

Research Round 3

For my third research round, I’m going to be looking at some dream disorders that both can children and adults can get and how it affects the both, whether it’s very similar or completely different. In my last cycle, I researched sleep disorders and mental illnesses however I will be looking at a few dream disorders which is kind of similar to sleep disorders but not entirely.

Research Round 4

For my fourth research round, I’m going to be looking at myths about dreams and sleep and then do a bit of research about them to try and see if they are true,false or neither. I think this will be fun to do because I don’t think I’ll have a solid dead answer for each myth so it’ll be quite interesting to see what I find.


Potential sources:




If you have any ideas of what I could research, feel free to let me know! Thanks for reading!

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Hey Rhea

I found your research so much interesting on the reasons as to why we dream.On your research round 2, I would like to emphasize that is is really true that when kids have horrifying dream or a nightmare and when they suddenly wake up,they think it's true and maybe they become anxious or sad.Am looking forward for your next post..

Great post!

Hi Rhea,

Great project plan! I think you have a lot of interesting ideas as to where you want to go with your research, and I like how you're comparing sleep cycles and psychological impacts of dreams between different age groups like younger infants and children and older teenagers and adults, as they can become quite different as you grow older. One thing that you may want to consider researching that is related to your first round of research on sleep cycles is a certain rare genetic mutation that allows people who have it to only require a few hours of sleep each night and still feel refreshed and alert in the morning. You could then perhaps research what their sleep/dream cycles are like since their sleeping time is rather shortened. 

Here are some websites you might find useful:


Good luck!

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