Project plan: What is the process of producing products?

Hello everyone, the question that I am looking into this round is what is the prossess of producing products? I will be splittng it into 3 parts and rraservhimg the process that the products take to get to our table.

The first one will be about the factory. The factories close to home and the ones other around the world. Also the work conditions that are in the factories. 

The second one will be about the transportation of the stuff that was made in the factories. How it is brought to us.

The third will be about the selling of the products, for example putting it on to shelves and getting it to us the consumers. 

5 cites I can use:






I am very exited to research this topic. I am going to learn so much and I look forward to the upcoming research.

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Hi Ellen,

I think the topic you're taking on is great! We should be educated about the products we use, where they come from, what effect they have on the environment and people, and what resources are being used to produce them. However, I suggest you narrow your topic down a little. Perhaps, you could look specifically into the production of automobiles or electronic devices or cosmetics. You would find plenty of great information! Here are some sources that could help you:

Great topic, and I hope to see your research!
Erica Won.

Hello Ellen, 

The production of products is certainly an important area to understand. People are generally uneducated when it comes to knowing where their positions are from and how they were made. Do you have a specific type of product or industry that you are going to focus on?  The process of producing products is a very vague and wide topic that you may find difficult to summarize on. 


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