Project Plan S6 C7- What are the qualities of a leader?

Helllo! Thanks for taking interest in this topic! 

This topic is different compared to the last one and won't be as similar. 
The idea behind this is to find out simply what are the qualities of a leader. I will be looking at what makes a "good" and "bad" leader. Perhaps seeing different factors that can influence leaders and their position. I will be diving into any science about leaders and leadership. Additionally, answering some "whys" such as, why do we have leaders? 


  • To answer the overarching Inquiry 
  • Learn something new and,
  • be able to apply it in some form
  • Try to find correlations and commonalities 
  • How leadership has influences globally
  • Approaching this with an open opinion 
  • Educate others along the way

Plan Steps: 

As of this moment the plan is fairly simple, subject to change and it is not entirely in order.

  1. Define leadership and examples of leadership, with a brief overview of this topic 
  2. Focus on a specific or select few who have leadership positions and see what sources may say regarding this topic 
  3. Science within this topic, eg leadership and how it works
  4. What compels others to take action, what is intimidation, how intimidation works on people, why it works
  5.  Learn some tips to try out and enact an experiment 
  6. Produce the best answer possible in the end
  7. Release a survey to collect data 

Sources that may come from but there will be others:


Plos One


Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say? Type away below and i'll be sure to see them (and typically reply to them in my next post!)   

That is it! Hope you are all looking forward, as i am looking forward to yours as well! See you in ROUND 1 


Teachers: Ms. Martin, Ms. Royle, Ms. Stuart.

Codes in titles: 
S: stands for "Series" which correlates to a unique inquiry question. 
(C) Cycle: Each consists ideally 6 rounds (posts) of research. Question may change every cycle, or be continued from previous cycle. (About 4 cycles per school year) 
Round [of research]: Individual posts in a research cycle. Sometimes denoted as "R" 

Original Post

Hey Jim,

I really like your topic this cycle! Looking into the knit-picky details about what makes a leader is extremely interesting. I think it would also be cool if you looked into different kinds of leadership (e.g. fascist vs. democratic leader) and how the traits differ between them.
You may be able to use this link:

Good luck, I look forward to your research!

Hey Jim, 

Interesting topic you have chosen here. Leadership has always been an important thing for humanity. Without leaders in society we wouldn't have any advancements for the better. They are what push other people to succeed and have to potential to really effect us. I think that looking at what makes a good leader will be useful to "train" the leaders of the future. 

Look forward to reading more.  

Hi Jim, 

Looks like a great project plan! I'm looking forward to seeing your findings! I like how you are going to look into leadership roles and position. I think that it would be very interesting if you looked into stereotypes of female and male leadership roles, and the advantages/disadvantages each receive. Also, what are you thinking of asking for your survey? It would be interesting if you did an anonymous survey researching people's qualities, then what leadership roles they have done or want to do. You may see some similarities between different people and gather information on what qualities different leadership roles require.

Hope this helps!


Interesting topic indeed. we are all created to be leaders. Its so unfortunately that majority of the people never realize how they can unleash their potential. The most important aspect in leadership is taking in the fact that you are a leader in within yourself.

I think any decision we make in our lives are determined by the leadership qualities within us.

here are some of the links i found interesting  on this topic,they might be of help in your next research round.  

  Hi Jim! 

 This is a very good topic! I imagine it's very useful to think about what kind of leader would be a good one. Leadership is very relevant to real life, and it's important to consider what kind of leader we want to be following. 

 You mentioned you want to look at the science behind leadership. I'm curious as to what that would consist of! 

 Anyways, good luck researching! 

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