Project Plan: Is coffee healthy or unhealthy?

There is quite a bit of controversy on whether or not coffee is either good or bad for us. Like I said, I am an avid coffee drinker and this is partially vital information. Hopefully through this research I will find out the truth about the health benefits, drawbacks, advantages, and disadvantages. 

For each round I am planning on going into great depth about each sub-topic because the topics are so simple. But it's the simple information that helps guide us, right?

For round one I'll look at any advantages of drinking coffee. This includes short term and long term. 

For round two I'll look at the opposite; any disadvantages. 

For the third round I'll look at any health adavantages coffee gives us.

And finally; for round four I'll look at any health drawbacks from drinking coffee.

It is said that caffeine is an addictive drug, but it my mom always says that there's worse things to be addicted to. I guess we'll find out.


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Hey Allana,


1.Coffee boosts you physical performance.

2.Coffee may help you loose weight.

3.Coffee helps you burn fat.

4.Coffee reduces risks of cancer.

5.Coffee lowers the risks of death.

6.Coffee reduces risks of stroke.

7.Coffee reduces risk of parkinson's disease.

8.Coffee protects your body.


1.Bad coffee can be toxic.

2.Coffee can kill you.

3.If you have high cholesterol please choose filtered coffee.

4.Coffee for kids may increase bedwetting.\

5.Don't drink more than one cup if you are pregnant

6.Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness.

Good luck in your project......

Hey Alanna,

Interesting topic. I too am a coffee drinker. I'm usually drinking coffee 3 times a day. When I was first starring this habit of mine, my parents told me that it wasn't good for me. They said that it would stunt my growth and wasn't healthy for sleep habits. I didn't really listen, and continued consuming it. I'll be very interested in what you find, good luck!

Hi Alanna, 

This topic really intrigued me because I have heard about coffee being healthy but also having detriments to our health. I have heard many things about coffee affecting your growth, but my brother drank about a cup a day since he was 12 and it did not seem to affect his growth, so I am interested in seeing what you come up with. Also, you could look into what makes it an addiction and what parts of the brain are affected by the caffeine. Good luck!

Hey Alanna!


I just got really into coffee and I love it so much, especially Iced Capps But it never occured to me that there may be health benefits specifically from coffee D: So I can’t wait until you post your third round! Goodluck on your research and I am looking forward to it a lot


-Alice Y.

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