Hello folks! 

 It's been a long time since I've posted anything... my apologies. I'm excited to share my next inquiry: 

  "How valid are the MBTI personalities?" 

  I am interested in this essential question because I have always been curious about people's personalities. I want to explore the MBTI concept because I am amazed at how a system was created to essentially "put people in a box," and I am also wondering how valid the process is. 

 Established knowledge: 

 The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a theory that organizes people into one of sixteen personality types. The MBTI includes a test, which consists of questions that determine whether the person is: 

  • Introverted (I) or Extroverted (E) 
  • Intuitive (N) or Sensing (S) 
  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) 
  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P) 

 (I have taken this personality quiz multiple times before, and the result I get most of the time is INTJ.) 

I also know that many psychologists disagree with the MBTI test, which is why I want to look into it's validity. 

 I plan to engage with this concept by gathering general information about the different personalities and how the test works. I want to look into how credible the MBTI test is. To achieve this, I am going to look at different examples of how the test has been used, as well as if it leaves any important information out. I also want to look into how people are affected by these personality tests. Particularly, I am looking into how the personality test affects students. 

Research Methods I am interested in: 

  • Articles, books, journals, etc. 
  • Interviews with grade 8/9 students before and after they have taken the test - I think this would be an interesting way to sort of conduct research of my own! 

Resources I may use:






https://www.myersbriggs.org/my...-validity.htm?bhcp=1 (This site is very biased!) 


Challenges/Barriers I perceive having: 

  • I am not a psychologist 
  • Biased resources with false information about MBTI personalities 
  • Errors with the interview process (such as miscommunications or not including enough questions) 
  • Errors with data I gather from said interview process 
  • Not enough/unclear responses from interviewees 

Image: https://community.pepperdine.e...ices/assessments.htm

  That's all I have for now! I hope you guys enjoy my future research rounds. If anybody has some suggestions for this project, feel free to leave a comment! 



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Hi Sophie,

Great project plan! I think it's good that you're questioning the effectiveness of MBTI test because, like you said, it basically "puts people in a box" after they answer some questions aimed to determine their personality type. In my opinion, personalities are way too complex to be defined by a certain personality type, although I'm sure personality tests including the MBTI test aren't completely off. I just think that it's impossible to know exactly what someone is like based on that. It might be interesting as well to look into whether people might be given an incorrect personality type because they answered the questions based on who they want to be and not who they actually are.

Here are some websites you might want to have a look at:




Good luck!

Hey Sophie!

Your inquiry really fascinates me! I'm someone who's always really loved taking these personality tests and quizzes; however, like you, I'm not sure how seriously I should take them. Sometimes the questions on these types of tests are a little too straightforward. For example, a common question I see is whether I like to go out at night or stay at home. Based on my answer, I could be automatically classified as an introvert or an extrovert. I've never actually taken the MBTI test (or even heard about it), so I'm not sure if this is the case. 

Update: I just took the test. I am classified as an Advocate (INFJ-A / INFJ-T). I read the explanation of my results and I feel like it is a very good match to how I see myself. But, is it because the test works or is it because the answers are so broad that it can apply to anyone?

I'm excited to read your research to find out more!

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:


Good job and good luck!


Hey Sophie,

This will be a really interesting project, because I am really interested in personality quizzes. Admittedly, I do question their validity sometimes, but every time I take a different test, I still receive the same type, which is ENTJ-A. Like Heeva commented above, the types are generalized so that they could hypothetically suit anyone, but I would still definitely consider my personality type to be quite accurate compared to the descriptions of the other types. Anyways, it would be really interesting to see what goes on in developing these tests to make them unbiased.

Good luck!


Hi Sophie! 

Amazing project plan. You seem to be confident and on track with your new research topic, regarding the MBTI Test. I have never heard about this theory, but you explained it very well through your project plan. When I first read this, I was very curious to know what led physiologists to develop this test. What is the history behind the MBTI Test? 

Here's some sources that could possibly help:



Good luck!

Hey Sophie,

Amazing project plan and outline! I love how much detail you went into about where you're going with this research, and I found it especially engaging to read why you're interested in this research, too. Coincidentally, I recently took the test myself and got a result different from my prior results. This time, the test told me that I am an INFJ, or "the Advocate". The results could maybe be applied to me, sure, but is there anything that could explicitly be not applied to someone?

I am very interested to see what you find with this research as I believe I am someone who recharges from interacting with other people, something I would often associate with an extrovert. Does this mean that I do not fully understand the real differences between extroverts and introverts or that the test is labelling me wrong?

If you are interested, you could tie this into other personality tests (such as the lighthearted ones from websites like buzzfeed and the heavier ones like "how do you exhibit love?") and compare this one to other ones, finding what makes one more credible than another.

Here are a couple of sites you may be able to use: 

I am really excited to see what you uncover, good luck!

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