Project Plan - How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?

HI everyone! 

I mentioned in my inquiry question post that I would be continuing on with the same question that I had in the previous cycle, but now I will provide more details as to what steps I will be taking to complete my research on this topic. In case you don’t know what I’ve already researched, here is a recap: 


Research Round 1: Introduction to wildfires, causes, factors 

Research Round 2: Impact on vegetation and wildlife  

Research Round 3: Impact on water and soil 

Research Round 4: Link with climate change 


As you can see, I haven’t yet addressed the impact on humans and how people and governments can or should prevent and/or manage wildfires. Therefore, I plan to research more on how we are affected in terms of health and economy, what governments have done and how successful it has been, and based on all my research over the past few months, I will discuss what areas I think need improved aid and funding in order the reduce the number of wildfires and the negative impacts they have. 


Here is my plan for the next cycle: 

Research Round 1: Impact on human health 

In this round of research, I will discuss the effects of wildfire pollution on human health, and how it might affect different age groups and people with different conditions. I also will look into the impact wildfires might have on mental health. 

Research Round 2: Impact on humans economically 

In this round of research, I will investigate how wildfires cause the loss of people’s lives and homes – how people’s lives have been affected by wildfires and how farm industries can be destroyed because of wildfires, and therefore their wealth. Moreover, I will research the economic impact on the government and overall economy of Canada, as I have read that wildfire suppression can be quite costly. 

Research Round 3: History of wildfires in Canada 

In this round of research, I plan to dig deeper into the history of wildfires in Canada, researching what years were the worst and which years were the best in terms of number and sizes of wildfires in the country, and if I can, I will try to find out why certain years were worse or better than others, and how these wildfires affected our country. 

Research Round 4: Conclusion 

 In my final round if research, using all the information I will have gathered over the past months, I will decide how much funding the Canadian/BC government should be used for fire prevention/control as well as how it should be used. I will base this on what has been most negatively affected by wildfires and need the most support, what strategies have been used and how successful those strategies have been to prevent and suppress wildfires. 


That’s all I have planned for this cycle, if you have any other suggestions or ideas or resources that I can use, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! 


Potential resources:

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Hello Jessica,
Wildfires are interesting things, aren’t they? They can cause ruin and devastation to large plots of land and ruin entire business, I believe recently a big company that was worth a few billion dollars I think went bankrupt in the USA and its main cause was due to wildfires that had left it massively in debt, and from being sued by people who claimed that they had caused the wildfires, though unintentionally. I’m curious to see what interesting information you find about wildfires from Canada’s past. I wonder though if in some cases it may be more useful to leave a fire alone, cause it will eventually die out and If it is far enough away from society it would prove no point it wasting the money to stop it. Anyways I’m very curious to see the money of aspect of it and how they have affected certain economies within Canada. I’m sure it will be very enjoyable to read.

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Hey Jessica

I really enjoyed reading your research from last cycle, so I'm glad that you'll be sticking with your question.  The way your going with things this cycle is very unique and different and something I definitely would not have thought of.  For an example, you said you'd look at the impact wildfires have on mental health which is honestly going to be very intriguing and not something people would normally relate to wildfires so I'm very interested to see how you go with that.  Maybe something you could look at the stress it could cause some people if they had to evacuate their area because of wildfires and go somewhere far away from their home and their job. They might have to pay for a hotel somewhere else and they couldn't work because their job is in their area.  However, I'm curious if there could be positive effects too, like maybe they would develop a new hobby such as exercising indoors because the air quality isn't well outside.  I'm interested to see what you find. 

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