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I've changed my question just slightly and my new inquiry question is “How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?”. I decided on this topic when I was on holiday and passing through the Okanagan and I noticed several forest fires burning in the mountains. It then reminded me of the previous summer when I was in Yellowstone National Park when I saw a small area that looked as if there had been a wildfire, but my parents told me that it was likely a controlled fire. I thought it was absurd that they would purposely burn down trees, but then I learned that there are actually some positive effects of forest fires. Therefore, I’m curious as to what kind of impact forest fires have on the environment, wildlife and humans, and what can be done to manage wildfires and reduce the negative effects they have. Then from that information, I will later research what governments have done to prevent/control wildfires in the past, and how government funding should be used towards wildfire prevention. 

Research Round 1: Introduction to wildfires, causes and factors 

In my first round of research, I want to first have a good understanding of how wildfires work. I will research the conditions for a wildfire to start, the natural causes of wildfires as well as human causes of wildfires, and environmental factors that make wildfires more destructive. 

Research Round 2: Impact on vegetation and wildlife 

In my second round of research, I will investigate both the positive and negative effects that wildfires have on the vegetation and wildlife that live in the area affected by a wildfire. 

Research Round 3: Impact on water and soil 

In my third round of research, I will look into how the surrounding water and soil are impacted by wildfires; that is, how wildfires may affect the fertility of the soil or the quality of the water perhaps. 


Potential resources: 








As you may notice, in these three rounds of research I do not yet address my main question, “How should government funding be used for the prevention of wildfires?”. That is because I plan to first do research on the impact they have on the environment, human lives and economy before I address my question. That way, I can base my answer on my research of the impact wildfires have and what has been done to prevent or control them in the past and how it has worked. Therefore, I will need more rounds of research before I fully address my inquiry question at the end, but these are the first three rounds of research I plan to do for this cycle. If you have any ideas, suggestions or websites I can use, feel free to comment below. 

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Hi Jessica!

Wow your topic is really intriguing, and I can't wait for your future rounds of research. Your research rounds are extremely organised, and I admire you for that. Nonetheless, I'm excited, in particular, for your research rounds on the impact of forest fires. I remember, during previous years, that there were many stories on the TV concerning wildfires and their destructions when I was watching the news. For example, I recall when they were broadcasting the Fort McMurray wildfire. I recollect a sentiment of horror of what happened there that caused one of the largest wildfire evacuations in Alberta, which is really near to where we live, as well as a sentiment of gratitude of the firefighters and other Canadian provincial agencies that helped fight the fire. Consequently, I'm glad that you are researching such topic. On the other hand, I'm currently peer-tutoring a class where the students are learning about how all spheres interact when they were presented with a natural disaster. Apparently, it came to my attention that farmers and other people would purposely burn down many layers of dead grass and vegetation. They do it, so they can fertilize the earth and release seeds. Moreover, they want to clear areas other purposes. As a result, I agree with you! I was shocked as well when I learned that! In reality, forest fires are a natural and necessary part of the ecosystem. If you would like to, you could touch base on how all of the elements of nature interact and are effected when there's a wildfire. You could also talk about what the government is doing currently when they are faced with this issue and their future plans (ex. funding, etc.). I've enclosed a website. Furthermore, I believe that it would also be interesting to contrast the positive and negative aspects of fires, and give your personal input on whether you believe fires are have a better or worse influence as a whole.

Good luck on your research rounds, and I hope this helps you!


Here are some websites you could look into:




Hey Jessica, I think your topic is super important and interesting! I like how you're organizing your research rounds and what you'll be looking into! I feel like there's a lot government funding can do to wildfires and many possibilities and outcomes so it's good that you'll be trying to find the best ways for it to be used. Here is a website to help with your first round of research: 


Good luck

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