Hi there! My inquiry question is all about "Fashion Evolution" and how different fashion can vary. My project plan is going to be about how fashion has evolved all around world, and all throughout the years. (This includes famous fashion icons, fashion designers, and styles from all throughout the decades). I am interested in fashion and how different out taste in clothing has become. My burning passion for fashion started during 2017 halloween, where I decided to make my own costume for once because I had only celebrated Halloween once before. Then I realized how much fun it is to design and create fashion! So now in 2018 I would love to be a fashion designer in the future, so I thought that this research plan would really help me out and further my knowledge. Here is my project plan!

Teachers Name: Ms. Stuart

For my Research Plan I will be focusing on these main areas: 

Round 1: What was fashion like in the past, and how different is it compared to the present? 

In my first round of research, I will be researching about the fashion trends of the past and the future to see how much our style has really changed. I want to analyze the patterns of fashion to help me out in my second round of research. 

Round 2: Following these fashion trends, what do I think fashion will become in the future? 

In my second round of research, I want to find out how fashion will change in the future. This round of research will be highly based of my first round, where I find the patterns in fashion to find out what might be the next biggest fashion trend. 

Round 3: How much can fashion vary through different parts of the world? 

In my third round of research, I will be comparing how different fashion is/was in different parts of the world. For example, how different is the fashion trends in Asia compared to the trends of Europe? How different is it to the trends of America? Was it more different in the past compared to the present? 

Round 4: What are some famous fashion designers and models through the years? 

In my fourth round of research, I will be researching more about the famous fashion icons, designers, and models of the past to see how different they are compared to the famous fashion designers we have now. 

Here are some of the sources I plan to use for my Rounds of Research. 





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Hi Arin! Fashion is a heated topic in modern society and I did interested in it. But I would like to recommend you look over the following information:

  • the connection between fashion and culture. For example, under some particular culture, there are some fashion-style that those people cannot accept. 
  • how does fashion effect economy? French is a country which I knew is famous for fashion. 

There is some citation that might help you: 

  1. Vaughn/Berelowitz, Jessica/Marian (2015). "The circular economy"Warc.
  2. www.fibre2fashion.com. “Culture Fashion Trends, Region Fashion Culture, Culture and Fashion Trends.” Fibre2Fashion, www.fibre2fashion.com/industry...t-its-fashion-trends

Hi Arin,

Nice project plan! Fashion is a really interesting topic, and in my opinion, it would be a hard subject to study and predict because it's constantly changing, but I'm curious as to whether there are trends that you might be able to find that can possibly predict what it might be like in the future. One thing you might want to consider researching is not only what the fashion was like in the past, but why it might have been like that. I've noticed that women's fashion in particular has changed a lot over the years, the major difference between now and the past being that women are allowed to show much more skin than we could in the past. Before, it was considered "scandalous" to have any part of your legs showing, but that is no longer the case today. I'm not entirely sure when this began to change and for what reason, but that might be something you could look into.

Here are some websites you might find useful for your research:




Good luck!

Hello @Arin Kim (Charles Best)

This is quite fun to learn about since clothes are what we wear a lot of the times in our lives. Fashion has been a type of expression, but it is also a business. Questions that raise to mind is what makes this X clothing more fashionable than others? How does society choose- what influences does fashion have or on the fashion styles? 

I remember an article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/0...rk-fashion-week.html which talked about genders in fashion as that has become a hot topic! 



Hopefully some of these could be of use! 

Nice going 


Hey Arin,

I think what you are looking into is really neat, and I love how you are tying it into your own experiences and life aspirations! I think for your research, it would be cool to formulate a connection between major dates/human rights/social classes and fashion to form some connections between history and fashion. Additionally, you could look into how the upbringings and cultures of designers impacts the fashion they create (what inspires them? how is their inspiration revealed in their work?).

Here are a couple sites you may be able to use:

I am excited to see what you find in your research, good luck!

Hi Arin,

It looks like you have a great outline here. I appreciate the connection between your passion and this project - I think being able to pursue a topic you care about will do wonderful things for the final product.

Something I am wondering about... the current order of your rounds leaves you considering future fashion trends before looking at differences in fashion around the world. I feel if you're going through the effort of building a prediction for future trends, it might help to do that nearer the end of your project. That way you can incorporate that new knowledge into your thoughts, and make a better prediction. Just a thought though...  

Best of luck with your project! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this. 

Hi Arin!

Nice topic choice.  i too wanted to be a fashion designer for the last 4 years so i understand your interest and am really interested to see what you come up with.  An idea you could look at, is also the making of the clothes.  Specifically something i found really interesting is carmine.  Its the color red, but how colors are made are so interesting and effect clothes greatly, so this could be part about how fashion has evolved.  Here is the link:


Another suggestion is looking into Coco Chanel for your fourth round.  I think that she is such an important designer through our history.  I Did my speech on her in grade 8 and some of the things i found out were crazy cool!  She was one of the first to really introduce women to pants/pantsuits instead of corsets and dresses that were highly uncomfortable.  Which i think is a step toward equality (a very far stretch but still something to consider).  She had such an extraordinary life and her designs changed women's fashion forever, and continue too today, so i highly recommend looking into her.

Good luck!

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