Inquiry Question: How Does the Foster Care System Effect Children Placed In It? 

The foster care system is a controversial topic in my opinion because yes, it does help children who are in need of a home but on the other hand a lot of children suffer from physical, mental and emotional abuse. Have you ever heard the expression "the system is broken"? Well people refer it to the law but also foster care because the government implicated these programs for the safety and well being for everyone, but are the people being cared for? There are many aspects that I'd like to examine to help my understanding of the foster care system. Throughout my inquiry project, I hope to shed some light on the system and come up with potential solutions to attempt to fix it. If my solutions are useful, perhaps they could help improve the lives of children in our community or even on a global level. Foster care children are part of our community, they deserve opportunities just like we receive and not have to go through any type of abuse. Canada is one of the best countries to live in because they take care of their citizens, can you imagine what life is like for some foster children who live in different countries? Hopefully, my project can help children all over the world in the prevention of abuse and create better futures for them. 


Research Round 1: Introduction / Canada's Foster Care system 

Before I can go into how foster care affect children, first I must explain …..

- What is the foster care system? 

- How does it work?

- What are the different type of housing situations? 

- Who takes care of the children? 

- Basic statistics 

- How is Canada's system different from other countries? (Pros/Cons) 


Research Round 2: Physical Affects of the Foster Care System On the Children 

-  What different types of physical abuse do some children face? 

- Malnutrition, physical abuse, sexual abuse or drug/alcohol abuse

For each above point I'd like to answer these sub questions:

- How did the abuse start/ who abused the children?

- How do the children cope? 

- What are the signs of the abuse?


Research Round 3: Mental Affects of the Foster Care System On the Children

- What are the different disorders that may develop through being in the system?

-attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder, posttraumatic stress, reactive attachment 

For each above point I'd like to answer these sub questions:

- What is the disorder?

- How did the children develop it? 

- How do the children cope with it? 


Potential Resources


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6. http://www.untilthelastchild.c...d-welfare-in-canada/

7. https://www.childrensrights.or...-sheets/foster-care/


For each cycle, I post 3 rounds of research every other week which means I will be continuing the same question next cycle as well. In the next cycle, I would like to investigate: The Emotional Affects of the Foster Care System On the Children, Children Aging Out of Foster Care and Potential Solutions to the Previous Rounds of Research. 

Thank you for reading my project plan, and if you have any ideas or opinions I'd love to hear them! Feel free to leave a comment below because they are always helpful.

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Hey Lauren!

I'm really intrigued by your question as I do not know much about the Canadian foster care system. I really appreciate how concisely you have categorized each round for this cycle and I believe this method of organization will allow others to better understand your work. Overall, great job! 

Here are some more sources that may be of use to you:

I'm excited to see where your research takes you. 

Hey Lauren, I think your topic is super interesting and will be super intriguing to look into. The way you organized your research rounds make a lot of sense and will probably be easier to research and just overall more convenient. Maybe something you could look into is the money the foster parents receive for the foster children and how that is spent as I have heard a few cases of the foster parent using the money on themselves, not the foster child.  Here's a website to help with your first research round:

Good luck

Hey lauren!

I really love this topic.  I think this is something that needs to be talked about and addressed way more in Canada.  I"m really interested to see what you discover especially for what happens in Canada.  Are you going to look into the foster care system all over the world or just in Canada?   Personally being a social worker for foster kids was something I've thought about doing, but after learning that most people have to stop after just a couple of years because of all the stress and horrific things they've seen, even in some occasions leading to depression, i decided that i don't think i could handle that.  So that might be something cool to look into as well, just the affects it has on people just involved with the system.  I guess that that's really something to say about the foster care system, it must be pretty bad.  

Good luck! i cant wait to see what you do

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