Project plan-----How does the art related to food?

Hello everyone,

for the new round of research, I am going to choose the topic about the relationship between art and food. I recently found an interest in the food. There are various types of food in different areas, and they all represent some special meanings. So, my topic will be “how does the food relate to art?”

Round 1

For the first round of research, I am going to introduce some special dishes that are the staple food in the countries. Also, I will find out why they are famous in that countries.

Round 2

For the second round of research, I am going to focus on the food in one specific area. How are the food represented with the art.

Round 3

For the third round of research, I will find some different ways that one specific ingredient can be expressed.

Round 4

If there are some comments and answers under my post, I will solve them and add some more information if I come up the new idea.

This is my project plan for my new cycle of research. You are welcome to give me some advice or comments.


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Hey Caroline, 

I love your project plan because art can be defined in many different ways and connecting it to food is very intriguing. I've seen many chocolate sculptures and impressive cakes on TV, and I think it could be interesting to look into how art is used to create these amazing designs. For example, on the TV show Cake Boss, Buddy (the boss) sketches out the cake design before baking the cake. Not only do chefs make the food itself art, but the preparation before making the food can sometimes require art as well. 

I look forward to reading your first round of research.  

 Hi Caroline! 

 I think this is such a cool topic! I like the idea of relating art to food. Food is such a huge part of culture, which ultimately, is a huge part of somebody's identity. It's also interesting how people choose to work with food in artistic way, like plating and decorating. Could there possibly be a way that food tastes different, better even, if it's arranged a certain way? 

 Anyways, I like how this is sounding. Good luck! 

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