Project Plan - How Does Technology Affect Teenagers?

Hey everyone,

For my second cycle of the year, I will be investigating the question "How does technology affect teenagers?" Thank you @Alison Wu (Charles Best) for bringing my attention to technology and how it not only includes electronic devices, but also laundry machines and dish washers which doesn't necessarily affects teenagers considering most of us tend to avoid doing chores. You opened my eyes to see a different perspective which made me think of taking a different approach on my topic. Although most of my research will be based off of electronic devices, I don't want to narrow down my topic just to electronics because cars and a variety of sport equipment are technologically based and benefit teens as well. In order to thoroughly come to a conclusion for this cycle, I plan to research it over 2 cycles so this project plan may seem a little bare. Without a further or do lets get into my 4 rounds of research!

 Research Round 1 - How did technology evolve?

Although this may seem like it's own inquiry question, I feel it is important to do a brief research round on how technology evolved because we must be able to see the positive and negative changes that shape teenagers. I will be looking into the major evolution changes to technology through the years briefly. For example some questions could be...

What was the first piece of technology?, Who invented it?, Where did the idea come from?, What we're the different technological equipment that evolved? Why did they evolve? 

Research Round 2 - How has teenagers evolved?

Like my previous round of research, to study the effects of technology and teenagers, we must know how teenagers have evolved over the years. I thought about looking into the different lifestyles and how technology played a role in it. For example, perhaps the different style of music pushed the companies to improve Walkmans into MP3 players which were in demand due to teenager usage.

Research Round 3 - What different types of technology do teenagers use and for what purposes?

For this round of research I'm going to research different types of technology that teenagers use on a daily basis in order to see if this provided a positive impact on their lives. Items will include cell phones, computers and of course television. 

Research Round 4 - How does technology affect teenagers socially? 

Finally to conclude my research, I will be looking into the social effects of technology which will dig deep into SOCIAL MEDIA and all the negative and positive effects it has on teenagers lives. Most people have a particular opinion on this topic already, but I hope to break past the stigma on social media and find a way to find some positive impacts.


Here are some potential websites for my research.



Stay posted for my first research round and I'd appreciate any opinions or comments that you might have. 

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Hi Lauren,

Great project plan! I'd also never really thought about other forms of technology that aren't our personal devices like our phones, tablets and computers, but Alison has a valid point that there are many other forms of technology that don't necessarily come to mind when we first think of teenagers and technology. While I'm sure your main focus is on electronics like our phones, I think it would be interesting to see if other forms of technology affect teenagers as well, if you feel you have time to research that as well.

One thing about technology that I think is interesting is how it has not only improved a lot over the years in terms of the quality, but things have also become a lot more accessible. For example, we have such easy access to movies and TV shows online rather than having to go out and buy or rent a DVD or flip through channels on the TV and watch a ton of advertisements, and music is readily available on our phones and we can just press play and listen to it at anytime and anywhere rather than buying a CD or whatnot. What I think has had the largest impact on the accessibility of these types of things is the internet, and because almost all teenagers today have some sort of a device that can access the internet, they have nearly unlimited access to all sorts of things and information. Whether or not that is a good or a bad thing is always debatable, and I'm looking forward to read what you learn over the next while.

Here are some websites you might find useful:



Good luck!

Hi Lauren, 

Great project plan! It is very structured and organized, and sets for some very informative research rounds. I find your topic very interesting as it goes over mainly the development of both technology and social aspects of adolescent development over the years. I was just wondering- what time frame will you be looking at to measure the development of these two aspects? Also, the fact that you're also looking into social media will be interesting since you can compare teenage social aspects based off of social media compared to based off of when social media did not exist, and it was just the basic technology available being used. Otherwise, I'm super excited to follow your research, it shows a lot of potential!! Here are some links to help get you started:

Good luck!

Hey Lauren, 

I really enjoy the relevance of your topic this cycle! I think it is important to look into how technology has shaped teenagers and their culture and workings. For example, I remember I was talking with my friends recently about how a lot of the slang, jokes, and phrases we use derive from the internet. Thus, much of what we say, converse about, and think about is directly impacted by technology. We were wondering how we would act if technology was different or nonexistent, even. 

I think it would be neat if you looked a little into how history repeats itself, in a way. I remember just last night I was watching a video about high schoolers from the mid or late 1900s where a man interviewed four teenagers about the telephone. It was sort of funny, really. A lot of them confessed that they spent up to two hours talking on the phone. Now, consider, those are the parents of today--the same ones who complain that teenagers these days spend far too much time on their telephones.

Here are a couple sites you could use:

Good luck with your research, I look forward to seeing what you uncover

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