Project Plan: How can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life?

Helllo B-Effectors!

Inquiry QuestionHow can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life? 

To summarize: 
>Why and Intro 
>Areas to hit 
>Breakdown of potential research process
>Potential sources
>Wrap up

This is my 8th series, which mean my 8th question in Butterfly Effect -starting from 3 years ago. It is possible this is my last research looked into! Let us begin into my project plan. 

The reason for doing this question is that I am going to be graduating and many of you are in school too! You can relate, and apply this final pieces of information I will uncover in this series. 

Inquiry QuestionHow can we use effective research and studying to build a successful life? 

In this question, I will be taking a look at several aspects to find the closest and best answer. A simple reason I touched based on was that I am graduating and I wanted to research a very applicable topic for myself to find out and others to learn something. Hopefully this can also leave an impact as you read.
The person we are today forms the person we are in the future. I chose this inquiry question to find out how effective research and studying would affect a person's success. Success is hard to measure, dependent on per person. However, I am aiming to look at what benefits or negatives could this lead to.  I will be looking into how to effectively research and study and how this could shape ourselves. By learning this we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and see what I may/you may take away at the end.


  • In what way does effective studying/research influence our success
  • Have the ability or knowledge to apply it in your life
  • Learn something new
  • To answer the overarching question
  • Create a shift and everyone learns something
  • Try to find correlations and commonalities 
  • Topic of studying 
  • How habits influence us
  • Approach this topic with unbiased mindset
  • Create a deep understanding of this topic 
  • Share what I learned
  • Conduct Survey on Butterfly Effect and in school and online community

Steps/Points to hit: 

Is subject to change. 

  1. Outline, clarify and define these ideas: Studying, Research, Habits
    1. how they work in our lives
    2. what are they?
    3. Redundancy, ineffectiveness, the good and bad outcomes of these common habits/research/studying
  2. The health behind this topic, the science and physiological happenings in our body
  3. Methods of what works well to effectively research/study
    1. And how to do this 
  4. How this can or cannot contribute to a successful life
  5. Produce the best closest answer in the end
  6. Create a survey to collect data 


Each round WILL photos, videos and/or other media to entertain and assist in reading them!

  • Round 1 Introductory Phase
    • I will include the foundation level information and ideas to get started on tackling this topic of research. It will look upon definitions, the science and basic knowledge to allow me and readers to know what the topic is about. 
    • Outline, clarify and define what studying, research and habits are
      • how they work in our lives
      • Pros and Cons
      • Outcomes of common habits
      • What is success and what I would look at specifically for this 
      • Historical data 
  • Round 2  
    • This round will jump directly at the information that is helpful to answer the inquiry. First step is to go in depth on these topics. 
    • Extends from round 1, the ineffective studying methods and research 
    • Mistakes people do within these.
    • The science behind
    • How does this effect people (teens, adults, children) 
    • Tackling the concept of learning - possibly can contribute to answering this Inquiry 
  • Round 3 
    • This round will assess, analyze a survey being done in our community. 
    • Looking at what success is so we have a way to see how improved studying and research affects personal future. 
    • How to implement habits as they are not easy to change. 
  • Round 4 
    • Additional information came across, new ideas to explore requiring new topic. This will wrap up the information of the research rounds providing summaries of the findings.  
    • Researching answers of comments by readers like you
  • Extras
    • Burns, Broadening your thinking, metamorphosis, survey. 

Special Addition: Video: I do plan to create a video at the very end of year to summarize absolutely everything.

Sources that may come from but there will be others:


See you in ROUND 1 

As always, I thank you for reading!


Teachers: Ms. Martin, Ms. Royle, Ms. Stuart.
S: stands for "Series" which is unique to a research question 

Got thoughts, ideas, opinions or something to say? Type away below and i'll be sure to see them (and typically reply to them in my next post!)   

I look forward to seeing you read this, as I am looking forward to read your research too!


Original Post

Wow! This is just the kind of research that I need! I have always been thinking of what types of things could lead me to success, and of course studying has a big part in it. The thing is, like you said, success is different for everyone. Someone may want to become a top model or a well paid truck driver. In those things, studying isn’t as helpful as it would be in succeeding to become a doctor or a lawyer. So what is your form of success? 

Also when using the words studying/researching, would you mean as in schooling or in your free time? This also has a huge impact on how much you’re comitted to that certain field, or just how curious you are about the things you’re researching. If you are talking about getting good grades in school, that may not actually be helpful in the long term. Because some students are so focused on the outcome of classes, it really starts to affect their actual knowledge of the topic. This seems very strange as school is made for learning, but I find myself in this situation every single year. I think you might want to look into (if you’re researching school, or high school in particular) the responsibility that school comes with- maintaining high grades for scholarships and making meaningful connections with peers/teachers. Here’s some links:

 Something similar I’ve found:

The other side of it is independent research. I think this is extremely important for success, if you need a lot of time to climb up where you want to be. Reading books, or just reading articles on a phone could help you learn so much in your own time. But this takes a lot of curiosity and persistence. To read about building structures when you could watch Netflix instead, does show a level of commitment. But you have to be doing this for years, the entertainment that most people see as watching TV or playing video games has to turn into learning. Sometimes that could be really difficult at an older age, because you are emotionally connected to the things that make you happy. The research that I’ve started, and hope to continue, looks into intelligence since the start of life (right now I’m looking at pre-birth). But learning is something a little different. Here’s some more links:


Sorry if I went off the topic you’d like to stick to, I’m just so excited about this! I really hope you enjoy your research and that this helps you and others! 

Good luck~

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