Project Plan: Do Dreams Have Meaning?



Hi Everyone, I will be continuing my topic of Do Dreams Have Meaning? 

Name of teacher: Ms. Martin

For my last research round with this inquiry topic, I have been looking at the history of dreams, what dreams are and I made a dream dictionary. I looked into different types of dreams and the stages of sleep connecting that to dreams. There are still many topics that I still need to cover and so that's why I want to continue this injury question. I have always been fascinated with dreams, what they mean, why we have then and what do they mean. I was able to come up with a simple dream dictionary with common themes of dreams. I want to analyze dreams more and a react comment brought up the idea of looking into sleep talking and sleepwalking. Seeing how that comments to dreams as they all happen as we sleep. I would Also like to look at the brain and what happens during sleep involving sleep research. For example, what sections of the brain are more or less active compared to when the person is awake. I learned in biology that different areas of the brain control different things, for example, movement speech thoughts. So if the person’s brain was more active the section that controls thoughts and images, that might be why we have dreams.  I would also like to look into some dream research on what dreams mean and if they have meanings. I am also going to look into if dreams predict the future and give some eagles on previous events that were predicted by dreams. Another idea is looking into the different types of dreams including precognitive, waring, factual, inspirational, wish fulfillment, compensatory, and reconciliation. We spend so much of our lives sleeping and a portion of that our dreams, we should have more research on what they are and if they mean anything. 

I think these topics will give me a better understanding of my inquiry question. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas and topics to further my research.

I have broken down my plan into three groups, these will correspond with my research rounds:

Round 1:

  • Stages of sleep
  • What the brain does when we sleep
  • Parts of the brain that are active/ not active during sleep and dreaming
  • The science behind dreaming and sleeping
  • Reactions from the brain

Round 2

  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleep talking
  • Do these happen while someone is dreaming or can I happen when the person is just simply sleeping
  • How those relate to dreaming
  • Different types of dreams: precognitive, waring, factual, inspirational, wish fulfillment, compensatory, and reconciliation

Round 3

  • Fun facts about dreaming
  • Other people’s research with dreams
  • Add on more to the dream dictionary in the first cycle

Sites I can use:

  1. https://www.scientificamerican...brain-during-sleep1/


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Hi Lauren!

I love your question it seems very interesting and I think it's great that you're going in the same direction as your previous question. For your research, it may be interesting to look into why some people sleepwalk/talk and some don't. 

Here are some sources that may be of use:


Good luck!

Hey Grace,

It's really cool to see what people think our dreams signify. Some people would say dreams have no meaning at all, but other people like to see them as warnings or predictions. I love that you're taking dreams and researching them in hopes of discovering a meaning behind why we have them and what they may tell us about ourselves. I also appreciate that you're planning on taking a neurological approach to see how dreams can affect our brains. Perhaps the makeup of our brains affect our dreams? Who knows?

Great work and I'm super excited to see what you find!
Erica Won.

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