PROJECT PLAN, CYCLE 2 - What is the science behind heartbreak?

Hey everyone! This is my project plan for my new inquiry topic and where I would like my work to be headed. To remind you if you don't know already, my inquiry topic is...

                           "What is the science behind heartbreak?"

Round #1 Research - What is heartbreak and why does it happen?
- Why is called "heartbreak"? 
-Does it happen to all of us? 
-What is the relation from evolution, did humans always feel this way? 
-Is it always something to do with love? 
Here I'm going to try out a survey, and see what my peers have to say about heartbreak! 

Round #2 Research - How does heartbreak affect our body physically? 
-How does it impact our mental health? 
-How does it affect our willingness to try out new relationships? 
-The impact it has on our sleep

Round #3 Research - How does a broken heart impact our brain? 
-Emotional Pain vs Physical Pain --> How is heartbreak related to physical pain? What is the significance behind it? 
-How are intrusive thoughts related? What are they? 
-The symptoms of withdrawal, how can the feeling of heartbreak be related to drug withdrawal? 

Round #4 Research - The science behind the healing of a heartbreak 
-What does a broken heart teach you mentally? Emotionally? 
-Do we risk hurt to love? What is this concept? 
-How does a heartbreak motivate one to pursue happiness in the future? 

This is what I have planned out for now! 
Here are a list of possible resources I could use to help me throughout my discoveries: 

And that's about it for now! 
If you have any ideas for my rounds of research or any comments, it would be very helpful! 

See you!




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Hey Venus, 

I really like where you're going with this topic! I think it'd be really cool if you looked a little into the origin of the phrase "heartbreak". Why did we start saying that people were having their "heart broken"?

Here are a few sites you could use:

Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you find

Hey Venus!!!

This sounds so interesting. Have I been assuming that heartbreaks are just but a bad, well not really bad, apparently some sad outcome, a feeling of anguish and profound disappointment in relation to emotional indulgence as far as feelings are concerned? Wow, so there might be some science concept behind how our hearts feel right? Some connection between crushing emotions with psychological conviction. Your research will further help me know whether heartbreaks are only related to love alone, or some other things such as extreme feelings beyond love somewhat can cause heartbreaks. Like is it all about being possessed by a feeling of weird loneliness, like your heart is literally breaking into a million pieces and like you don't want to live in human dimension anymore. Well, I cant wait  to find out, hey, if a person who hasn't died cant explain how it feels to be a dead person, can a person who hasn't undergone heartbreak explain how the entire matrix is solved?

Science and heartbreaks? You might find the link below interesting...

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