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Hey guys,

For my inquiry this cycle, as many of you may already know, I am looking into alternative medicine and whether or not it should be considered as a valid substitute for conventional, traditional medicine. This topic is extremely interesting to me as I am very curious about health sciences and different branches of medicine, so I hope to gain more information about the various areas of both. Also, I know that alternative medicine nowadays is more "accepted", however it still holds many controversies and my goal is to be able to label all of them and explain their history, their benefits, and possibly even their negative-side effects. I want to be able to compare both practices of medicine, so this will require extensive research on both and I will end my cycle by comparing both and finally answering my inquiry, "should alternative medicine be considered as a valid substitute to practical medicine"? To achieve all of this, I have split the main ideas into four research rounds:

1. Homeopathic medicine

This will be an introduction of the topic, since I am not yet entirely familiar with it. I will explain its history, how it was "invented", what it is, what and who it treats, how it treats, examples and uses of various treatments, and label many of its different controversies.

2. Conventional Medicine

This research round will also be an introduction of what is conventional medicine. Although we all may be familiar with it, I want to clearly state the development of its history and the recent advances that have been made in the last decade as well as the pertinent advancements made in the last century. Treatment methods and examples will also be outlined, and I want to try to find controversies in order to compare the two in the future research round.

3. Comparing both methods

In this round, I will tie in all of the information I have learned about both practices of medicine and compare/contrast. I will weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of each,  draw in a couple of examples that I had researched, and conclude with a structured, developed answer. If there is enough time I will have another research round that reviews all of the topics covered and draw a valid conclusion using what I have learned throughout the cycle. 

To get started, I found 5 sources that will help me initiate the research:


Thank you so much for reading, and any feedback is greatly appreciated! See you next week!


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Hey Juliana, 

I like that you are going to delve into a controversial and debated topic. I guess be sure to be wary of possible bias, for people who are opposed to one method or another will be sure to slander that method. 

One of my best friend's mom's was a homeopath and she absolutely stood by homeopathic medicine over traditional medicine. However, in my family, homeopathic treatments are sort of questioned and not given much credit. It will be neat to see, from an unbiased source, which of the two could be more trustworthy. 

Another thing you could look into is the whole "anti-vax" approach and looking into the measles outbreaks across the states along with the recent-ish polio scares. Could these have been prevented if people were vaccinated, and should people be vaccinated? Are vaccinations more helpful or more harmful?

Here are a couple sites you could use:

Good luck, I look forward to seeing what you find!

Hi Juliana,

Great project plan! I like how you're taking two separate approaches to the subject by looking at both homeopathic medicine and conventional medicine, and then comparing both of their uses, advantages and disadvantages to come to a conclusion. It might also be interesting to learn more about the placebo effect, if you're interested in that. It's certainly a controversial topic and some people have very strong beliefs as to which is better, therefore I think it's important that you make sure you avoid websites that are trying to sell you their products. 

Here are some websites you can use:

Good luck!

Hi Juliana! I think this is a very intriguing topic, and I'm excited to follow along with your research. I like the idea of not just looking at one side, but both sides as well. 

I think it might be interesting for you to look into naturopathy, another alternative medicine approach that is similar to homeopathy. I also think it would be interesting if you looked into how using both conventional and alternative medicine can benefit someone, and what the outcome could look like. I know for my family, we use a naturopath to help with things related to stress, common colds, and allergies, but use conventional medicine for the more serious things, like flus and broken bones. 

Great work- again, I'm excited to see where you go with this! 

Here are some links to help you out!

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