Project plan #2 - Why do cats behave the way they do?

Hey everyone!

For this cycle, I’ve decided to keep the same inquiry question as before, which is: “Why do cats behave the way they do?”. In the previous cycle, I looked at the basic cat anatomy and a bit at their ancestry, their predatory behaviour (hunting instincts and techniques), and how they communicate with other cats and with humans.

Here is what I plan to research in the next cycle:

Research round 1: Personality and experiences

For this round of research, I plan to look at how different breeds of cats can have varying personalities, and how a cat’s personal experiences can shape its behaviour.

Some things I will look at are:

- personalities in breeds

- difference in personalities/ behaviours in feral and house cats

- the potential personality differences in cats who are spayed/neutered and those who are not

- how cats learn from experience. For example: conditioning your cat to know that there is food when they hear a bell ring.

- traumatic experiences. For example: my cat is extremely scared of a certain toy because she fell on her back while playing with it, and now she will go nowhere near it, even hiding under the table when you bring it out.

Research round 2: Stress and illnesses

For this round of research, I plan to look at a few different common illnesses that can occur in cats, and the kinds changes in behaviour that signal that a cat may have a certain illness or that they are feeling stressed out.

A few behaviour changes I will look at are:

-change in appetite

-change in social interaction

-change in litter box habits

I will also look at what can cause stress in cats

Research round 3: Big cats compared to domestic cats

For this round of research, I will be comparing domestic cats to big cats, how they are similar and how they are different.

I will compare:

-physical traits/capabilities

-their habits such as sleeping, eating and hunting

-perhaps differences in their brains and how they might behave differently in different situations


Potential resources



That’s all I have planned for the upcoming cycle! Just so you know, I will be posting every other week, so I will have more time to go more in depth in my topic for each round. If you have any other ideas of what I should look into, or if you have any good resources/websites I could use, feel free to leave a reply. Thanks!

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Hey Jessica, 

Very detailed and planned out project plan like usual. I love how you specifically explain what you are going to do each week because it gives the reader a great overview. Also, during your big cats vs domestic cats round, I think it could be interesting to explain how being locked up in a cage at a zoo can effect a larger cat emotionally compared to a loving family cat. Here are 2 links that compares and contrasts large cats and domestic cats.

I look forward to your first round of research  

Hi, Jessica!

this is a really interesting topic! when i first read your topic, the first question i want to ask is that do different breeds of cat have different personalities. Then, i saw this is what you will do in the first round of research. i think this is pretty good idea to start with this project.

to help you with this topic, i found some information about the different personality in different breeds. 

here are some websites

good luck!

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