Project Plan #2

Hello everyone,

For this cycle, I have decided to stick with the same question which is How might concussions affect teen's brain development? Last cycle, I looked into the basics of concussions (definitions/causes), and the main reason teen's have concussion = sports

The second time around I wanted to look into the question in more depth and figure out all the ways teens can be affected by a concussion. Whether it's physically, mentally or emotionally. Some ideas I have are:

  • discovering how teens are able to handle school after a concussion
  • comparing a concussed brain vs a regular brain /different brain injuries 
  • does a teen change after a concussion (mentally/physically)
  • is there a certain part of the brain effected most teen's hit their heads (eg: creativity part, academic part, memory part)


Some websites I may use are:




I would appreciate any feedback/ websites/ information on my question

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Hi Lauren,

I think it's great that you plan to delve even deeper into this topic! I've known a couple of people in my class that have had a concussion before, and when they came back to school, their doctor said that they weren't allowed to do any hard thinking. Here's a website that says in detail when to return to school after a concussion and how to deal with it:


Good luck with your research!

Hello Lauren,

I'm glad you continued with your topic as it was very interesting!

I think that something you can talk about is the recovery process of a teen who had suffered a concussion. In middle school, I had a friend who had a concussion 4  times in one year! So another question you could incorporate is, does the number of times one gets a concussion affect their growth/brain development? Their social aspect, academic aspect, creative aspect? Also, as I was saying, you could talk about the recovery process. My friend skipped school for about 2/3 weeks when she got her first concussion, and when she returned to school, she wasn't aloud to read, write, or do math. We had to turn the lights down low for her, or else she would get headaches. I don't know how she is now, so you could add to the question if you like, is it possible for teens to fully recover? Or will they constantly have, let's say, a problem with the lights? Headaches when they read too often?

Again, this is just a suggestion. Good luck with your research! 

Hey Lauren,

I'm glad you're deciding to stick with this topic, it will definitely be interesting for readers if you continue to go more in depth. Have you done a survey pertaining to your topic yet? If not, it's a good way to get people sharing their personal insight on concussions, since i believe the experience is not the same for everyone!

For your upcoming research, I've found some links that might help:


Good luck!

Hey Lauren,

It's awesome that you're continuing with this topic! After you've done some of your research that you are planning to do, you could maybe try doing a survey about people's knowledge of concussions and whether they have any personal experience with them. Depending on how someone gets a concussion, there would be a different amount of severity and therefore different effects and recovery time. I'm interested to see where you take your research!

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