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Inquiry question: with this new generation, should we be changing how and what we are teaching in school?

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This is something I have always been interested in, and that i think more kids should be interested in too.  Our schooling affects our entire lives for the good or bad.  The fact is, this generation of kid’s, live in a completely different time then our parents.  The world has changed immensely, introducing a completely new world online.  The adults controlling what and how we learn were raised in a different time, even if you are only 25, the 10 year difference with the teenagers is significant.  Kid’s these days face continuously more and more stress each year, schools are harder to get into, the cost of living gets higher and higher, and the world around us gets more and more interesting that learning about 100 years ago seems less and less important.  In this topic I will be talking about old vs. new teaching methods, technology based school, introducing classes more related to this generation/being educated about all the new jobs out there, and addressing the stress and anxiety kids face every day from school.   

Round 1:

The first round I want to start with a survey asking what kinds of things kids want to learn about.  I find that in some of our classes here and there we talk about current events happening and controversial topics, but the lack of having a class that is dedicated to that is really disappointing for me.  I was thinking that a class that was only dedicated to that might be a win with the students in high school.  There are major things happening, climate change, our major use of plastic, the number of terrorist attacks etc. that kids aren’t educated about, but that’s our future, that’s the world that we are going into and in the end it is us that is going to be stuck with the problems.  However that's not to say that all the classes we have now aren't equally or more important. So in this round I will look into the classes we should or shouldn’t have, the lack of education for the actual jobs out there and the results from the survey of what kids say they want, what is lacking and what they think needs to continue being taught.

Round 2:

This round I want to research the old vs. new teaching ways.  I think it’s great that teachers are trying out new ways to teach, and I want to look into the different ways and new ways found of teaching.  Something I learned recently which actually inspired me to do this topic, is that a few of the kids that i go to tutoring with, who are in middle school didn't have spelling tests and weren't properly taught their time tables in elementary school like we were.  I do not know if this is part of the new curriculum in BC but that is something i want to find out.  This round I want to also look into finding a healthy balance of old and new.

Round 3:

This round I want to research the pros and cons to technology based learning, what that would look like in classes, and overall how it would change learning.  I think that right now schools are just kind of of in between where we still do a lot of work on paper and have some on computers.  I think that there are obvious benefits like saving paper and the fact that kids are so accustomed to it, but that there are also things to worry about too.

Round 4:

For what I am pretty sure is the last round, I want to look into the extreme anxiety, stress and depression kids are facing.  Obviously no one can say that school is the only factor contributing to it, but considering how much time kids spend at school, it being the main focus of our lives form the age of 4/5-18, and the fact that we have so much riding on our grades that it is a very big factor to consider.  I want to look into ways we can help with this, I have so many people my own age suffer from this and it’s sad to watch knowing that no one seems to be doing anything to better the situation.

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Hi Catherine! 

Wow! Your topic is really intriguing, and your future rounds of research seem very interesting. Great work on your project plan. Your research rounds are extremely organized, and I admire you for that. Nonetheless, I think that is it a great idea to start with a survey asking what kind of things students would like to learn about. I would suggest to maybe, if you were to do a multiple choice, is to add finances (which is something I would like to learn more about before graduating). I feel like it should be a required course in the senior years of high school (or talked more in depth into in Planification/Planning 10). I’ve seen this post circulating the internet for quite a while now that I would like to share. I’ve attached the image below.  

Text on the education system

Nonetheless, I'm excited, in particular, for your research round where you look into how our education system in our school is developing. To add on what you were mentioning about how some elementary school aged children in our area that stopped having spelling tests (which shocks me), I believe that the BC government is also taking out some provincial exams. I remember Ms. Stuart mentioning how there used to be a provincial for almost every academic course a student would take. However, for the graduates of 2019, I believe there are only 3 available to take (English, French and Communications). Nonetheless, the counsellors have mentioned that there will be no more provincials as the curriculum is being changed when I graduate in 2020. It would be super interesting to see how this developing curriculum is affecting students. As a result, I suggest you look into to see how this curriculum is changing. For example, what sort of content is being taken away or added? Are there any drastic changes occurring? For instance, I know that now grade 9s are required to have laptop. Even so, would the children of today be able to “catch up” with this ever-changing curriculum? I read in an article (third attached below) that in certain places, math skills would be expected at an earlier age of 9. Is it possible for such young minds to master 12 times table by that age? These are some topics I would be super interested into seeing you exploring! 


Here are some websites you could look into:


Good luck on your research rounds, and I hope this helps you! 



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Hey Catherine, 

Your new inquiry question is very compelling because the system has drastically changed to the point that students in grade 3 have a completely different education than we did. As you mentioned with the use and addition of technology to our education system, students have more access to a variety of resources which can be viewed as a positive or negative. Your project plan above is very detailed and I'm particularly interested in your research round 2 because the end goal is to learn specific concepts within a grade and it's amazing how much the teaching style has changed but do the students have the same outcome. Perhaps you could also add how different styles of teaching could benefit students in the new generation, not necessarily technology based but more on a deeper level. For example, in English we just finished watching the Dead Poets Society that reflected on Mr, Keating, the English teacher at an all boys boarding school who believes English isn't about just retaining knowledge but perhaps it can be a way to express yourself and your passions through poems. His unorthodox approach at teaching a crucial subject spoke to the students however, it didn't go over so well with the administration that believed in textbook and essay work. Both styles of teaching are acceptable and teach English, but which is considered better or more beneficial to the students education?. Anyways great project plan and I'm really looking forward to reading your research rounds. Here are some links on different styles of teaching.

Wow! This is a very interesting question, and I am excited to see where it leads you. Something to consider may be: who should chose what is taught in school? The kids definitely should not be able to chose for themselves, but the school board's curriculum is outdated, so how would we make the change? I think that that could be relevant to your topic, depending which way you go with it. Here is a short, slightly opinionated article that you could use:



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