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Question: “How does science affect sports?”

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ii)For this topic I was thinking of looking at four main sports to find out how science can affect each sport. First I will look at each one individually, then make connections between the sports and compare them with each other. Currently, my top four choices are soccer, high jump, skiing and baseball. I will explore how you can improve your own performance in these sports by looking at the pros and cons regarding the use of science. I was first inspired to do this topic when I looked at how your center of mass can be adjusted by using different technics high jump. For this topic I will use a variety of scientific methods including physics, mathematics, engineering and possibly nutrition to conduct my research.

If you have any questions please let me know, as well as any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Jake Schmidt,


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Hi Jake, 

Great topic! I like how you are taking two seemingly separate ideas and using them together to answer your inquiry question. I am also looking into sports, but instead or researching  how science has an effect on the sport, I am looking of the effects of body types. If you are interested/have time, I suggest taking a look:

I talk about body standards and how achieving these so-called 'stereotypes', professional athletes perform better than those who do not have these bodies. I also have some other posts talking about the history and the requisites so if you are curious or need some information, just ask!

Hope this helps!

 Hey Jake! 

 Nice project plan. It would be useful given how many athletes don't even think about this. Many professional athletes have a good sense of their nutritional needs, though not many people have actually stopped to think about the physics and engineering of sports. It's interesting because somebody would've had to discover it. 

 Perhaps the sciences behind sports could explain some of the dangers that result from sports and explain sports injuries. That could be something you consider! 

 Good luck! 

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