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As seen in my previous post regarding my inquiry question, here is what I am wanting to research in the next following rounds. My question for this cycle is "Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?" Nowadays, in our society, people, especially adolescents, are being heavily influenced by the pop and musical culture. We celebrate our love for this art by attending festivals, such as concerts, to enjoy the music together. While this is a great way to bond with friends and even family, there is also a very negative risk to attending these events. Substance abuse, such as using recreational drugs or being intoxicated, can lead to potential dangers in the environment. It is widely popular in schools nowadays to show that you are attending these festivals, perhaps to be "socially accepted" or to "show your party side." Either way, there is a limit to where fun changes to staying aware, and acknowledging the fact that your life can be or is at great risk with people using different substances to have more fun. Drugs in particular is what I am focused on in this study, because it is what is most commonly used at these events. The reason I decided to choose this topic is because if my friends or even myself were ever to go to a festival, I would want to demonstrate how it is equally easy to have fun without putting many health factors at risk. I've planned to split my research in 3 major discussions, firstly what are music festivals and the recreational drugs which are widely popular. Secondly, the concern over peer pressure between teenagers and even adults. In this round of research, I would also like to share how we can prevent these situations from happening. Finally, how some can be unaware of taking a drug which can lead to heavily major health issues and what it can do to your body.

Round #1 Research - Music Festivals & Popular Recreational Drugs 

Here is a list of what I would like to research in this round: 

-What are music festivals and their goals? 

-Why do people choose to attend these events? 

-Why are music festivals incredibly popular nowadays? 

-Most commonly used recreational drugs at these events (side effects of these drugs and what they are used for) 

Round #2 Research - Peer Pressure 

-Peer pressure in between adolescents 

-Why do people need to prove they are taking drugs? 

-How to say no (I chose to include this part in because we all are capable of doing the right thing) 

Round #3 Research - Unaware of taking recreational drugs 

-How are drugs hidden and snuck into music festivals? 

-The risks of sharing 

-The effects our bodies have while unknowingly on a type of drug 

Potential Resources for my research: 








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Hey Venus, 

Great first project plan about the why are people affected by drugs at musical festivals! By planning out your research rounds in an organised matter, it makes it incredibly easy to understand and follow. In the first round of research, I like how you are defining what a music festival is, but perhaps you could add in the average age of people who attend music festivals to allow a more detailed research round 2 of peer pressure. Lastly, for your last round it may be beneficial to look into how taking drugs at music festivals can lead to addiction. For example, if people happened to get drugged through drinking substances without intentionally taking it at a festival how will that impact them? Overall, this is an amazing first project plan and I think your inquiry question is very intriguing. Here are some links to help you out. 



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