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Poverty is the complete lack of means necessary to meet basic   personal needs such as food ,clothing and shelter.On the other hand relatively occurs when a person cannot meet a minimum level of living standards compared to time and place.So poverty varies from one country to another or from one society to another.

Causes include;

1.Inadequate access to clean water.

2.Little or no access to livelihood or jobs.



5.Poor education.

6.Climate change.

7.Lack of infrastructure.

8.Limited capacity of the government.


The effects of poverty can be from childhood to adulthood leading to chronic illness and and lack of education or the ability to work the effects of poverty are just more than missing a meal.Families struggle with chronic food security and malnutrition.

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         You have actually chosen a very good topic which itself is most experienced in our various part in our country. You work is very neat and well elaborated. You have well defined what the poverty is together with its causes and effects. The butterfly members can really feel happy if you can talk a little bit of the above causes you have mentioned so that it can be easily understandable.

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