Possible Essential Question: How Do Modern Tobacco Advertisements Across The World Compare To Their Older Counterparts In Early North America?

Essential Question: How Do Modern Tobacco Advertisements Compare To Their Older Counterparts In Early North America?


Why I’m Interested

  • While there are many harmful companies and products in the world, they still manage to be powerhouses. And I know people’s addiction and temporary relief is a large part of that, however some of it still seems to be very strategic and manipulative on the part of the company.

What I Know Already

  • While monopolies and Oligopolies are illegal, it is very difficult to prove collusion.
  • Tobacco sales are steadily rising in the world.
  • I know of some of the techniques already (although I won’t get to specifics in this at the moment).

New Knowledge

  • Many brands have, and do, attempt to attract people at a young age. After all, normalization is one step closer to acceptance.
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Hey Katelyn, super intriguing question!
I personally am very interested in the type of advertisement tobacco companies use and how it has changed throughout the past century. Furthermore, if they’re trying to sell, why do they advertise that their product causes several types of cancer?

Here are a couple links you might find helpful

You already seem knowledgeable on the subject which is great!Good luck!

Hey Katelyn!

I'm really intrigued by your question! I think this would be a very interesting inquiry as tobacco is a big part of the advertisement world and youth are impacted from this exposure from a young age. It may also be important to consider how tobacco was advertised; if I'm not mistaken, cigarettes were originally used as medicine - this may be something significant to look into! I definitely agree that many brands attempt to attract youth as well - perhaps incorporating some information about e-cigarettes/other nicotine devices will shed some light about how children are being targetted.

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:



Good luck!

Hello@Katelyn Lachance (LFAS)

A topic really fun to look at. There are multiple ways you could look at this. This could be business perspective, scientific, or societal history. My teacher has mentioned that the problem with tobacco has now been reduced. In the sense that if you approach a person and talk about how tobacco isn't great, it's not much of a bigger issue for most of the people and encourages a conversation that helps each other going to topics of trying to give up etc. I hope these sources below from the UN and other sites could help you out! 





Can't wait to see your other research! 


Hi Katelyn, 

Wow, you have an interesting inquiry question! I agree with you: the way of which companies use their advertising to manipulate people into using their products is a fascinating topic where more light should be brought upon it! Good job! Your post was very organized, and I liked how your points were very clear. For your future research rounds, you should evidently investigate how it was advertised and compare to right now. However, I’d be really excited for you to investigate why we, as a population, are so vulnerable to advertisements. I remember in one of the courses I took called Communications 9 that we were to investigate why are big companies are even targeting youth in particular. When we get older, our advertising defense mechanisms get stronger because we grow more conscious about our social environment. We can recognize commercials and product placements much faster. We watched a whole documentary about it! There, I found out that, in the United States, their principal product they wanted to sell to their viewers was food ranging from candies, snacks, cereal and fast food. You would almost never see advertisements on vegetables! Nonetheless, I discovered (with the first website below after looking into the topic I was mentioning) that 1/3 of Americans children as obese. Moreover, Americans spend about 6 billion dollars on holiday candy only. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a direct result from advertising; however, it is evident that there is an effect of this marketing technique. As a result, we should be paying more attention to how companies are publicizing their products.  You could also look into what about tobacco makes it so addicting. I suggest you look into the regulations they’ve put on this sort of advertising. This is because it is evident that the commercials, they’ve got nowadays are different from 20th century. What I find particularly intriguing is what the second website attached mentioned how the tobacco industry had stated that “they don't try to convince anyone to begin smoking. They claim their advertising and promotional campaigns are designed to maintain their present market share of smoking customers, reduce defection of their brand smokers who might consider another company's brand; and entice smokers of other brands to try their products.” In my opinion, I disagree with their statement. Nonetheless, you can also look into the two sides of the conflict and really dive deep in what they really mean behind their statement. You can also look how tobacco advertising and the anti-drug campaigns are affecting adolescents’ self-images and their perceptions of smokers. 


Websites to look into: 






Good luck! 


Hi Katelyn!

I really like your topic! I never actually knew much about the tobacco industry. I know so many adults that have quit or are trying to, and to find out that tobacco sales are rising in the world was a shock for me, but the only people I personally knew have lived in North America and Europe. As for undeveloped countries I have heard that the amount of youth that smoke is a massive issue. But the industry in poor countries targets everyone, as it explains in this article 


Here’s another article where a segment talks about the packaging and how it lures in younger people:


Hope this helps! I look forward to reading more on your topic!

Hi Katelyn,

That's a really interesting question you thought of, as our knowledge about smoking and how it impacts our health has grown a lot, so I'm assuming that the way tobacco advertisements portray their product has changed over the years. One thing you may want to consider researching is what the restrictions are on tobacco advertisements (assuming certain regulations exist), and if they've changed at all. It would be interesting to see what techniques advertisers use too in order to attract people, including youth, to use their product. I think society's perception of smoking cigarettes has changed quite a bit over the years, but there are still so many people who smoke cigarettes and have an addiction to it, and I think young people are very easily influenced.

Here are some websites you might find useful for your research:




Good luck!

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