Hi every one...Today I wanna look at the above topic which av really got some interest on it and decided to do more research in order to share with you. When we think about the soccer, there are many hidden advantages that many usually see but they just ignore or rather see as they usual advantages. I decided to ask myself whether soccer unites or not and below are the results.

            Soccer is one of the few things that the entire world has in common which has been around for generations. Although am saying soccer been there all round uniting, there have been examples of violence and xenophobia associated with it example fights either between fan or even players themselves.

            Benefits that soccer has offered first and foremost, international sport — soccer in particular — is a universal language. Nice things aren’t always said in that language, but it does exist as a unifying form of communication and shared interest, which provides the opportunity for suspending certain beliefs to work towards the idea of a common goal. No matter how divided people are on certain issues, soccer can bridge that barrier, even when supporting different teams or coming from vastly background.

            And this concept of common ground or unity can lead to real change since if we can recall how Nelson Mandela took advantage of the 1995 Rugby World Cup to unify an entire country and stand up to injustice. By channeling the energy and sense of pride offered by a sport, Mandela was given the catalyst to incite real change. Soccer has this power and even then some. 

            Lastly, it’s no secret that there are a number of different reasons why soccer, one of the competitive sport is good for player and audience, both mentally and physically. When referring to competition on the world stage though, sports can serve as a friendly battle ground where competition between countries is not only valued but can thrive. Population size, GDP, military power and the like don’t matter when two teams are facing each other on the pitch. Especially in today’s polarized world, soccer provides an accessible medium for all to experience international pride while also equalizing the terms of competition. 

            On my next research i'll focus on the aspect why are soccer players payed so much which sounds like unrealistic amount to many.




                                                                                                Thanks very much!


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Hello @Samuel Mwangi

I am definitely not a soccer fan myself, but it is always interesting to read about things I do not get involved in too often. 

a universal language

I find this really interesting because this is true. Sports, in a way, is communication between people and possibly countries. The unification of emotions and feelings can be definitely felt. Especially during the Olympics, there was a large feelings of pride collectively. 2010 Olympics was one of the defining examples of this.

However, it definitely does not need to take the level of Olympics to achieve this. Like you mentioned, 1995 World Cup and powerful leaders like Nelson Mandela can create the type of positive change and influence. 

Suggestions you could try to make your posts more awesome: 

To make your posts stronger, add in the source that you got the information from so people can not claim you made it up yourself. It also gives credit to the people who found the information in the first place.
I remember reading about soccer research not a while ago and it made me thought about how soccer or sports in general can be profound and have a deep meaning to it. It makes a lot of money and many situations (good and bad) have come from sports. Perhaps, something interesting to look at is how sports could change the world? How it could fix current large global problems?

Your next post: The wage and pay differences is a big issue. It is quite unfair we see players for kicking a ball is being paid more than doctors who are saving lives. As my teachers have always said it, it really shows how society place values in things.

Nicely done!


Hey Samuel!

Great post about soccer! Personally, I do not know much about soccer or its origin so your post was very interesting. I liked how you referred to this sport as a "universal language." I think that is a very accurate way to describe this and other sports as well. I couldn't help to think about the World Cup - people from different countries and origins joining together to share their passion. It really is amazing when you think about it. 

Like Jim said above, I think the wage gap between female and male soccer players is definitely something you should consider looking into for your next post since it is based on the wages of soccer players.

Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

Good job and good luck!

Hey Samuel,

Awesome post to read! I don't know much about soccer, but reading what you have explained makes me understand the concept of how soccer can be advantageous or not too advantageous. Universal language; that is very true when it comes to soccer. There are so many meanings behind this sport; no wonder any country will be able to understand what is happening. This post was very informative and I'm glad I read it! 

I was very interested when you discussed how a disadvantage includes fights between fans or even players. I'm very interested to know why these conflicts happen in the first place? Is it because of the game? Or the history of the countries in general? This would be something you could look into! 

I researched this as I was interested, and found out a name for violence at football events. This is called football hooliganism! You could possibly incorporate this too, as it is usually connected with players and fans.

Here are some sources that can help you:

Good luck!

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