Hi guys...lastly we discussed about the importance of soccer in the world and today i want to discuss about best soccer around the world as i promised earlier. There are several aspects that ave done research for and here are the results below.


                                1.Olympic soccer.

                Soccer was fist introduced in the Olympic games in 1908 as an official competition with women soccer being introduced in 1928. In the early years, soccer in the Olympic was only played by the talented and was more for show than actual serious competition. But the rising popularity of the sport raised the stakes. To this day, its one of the most popular ,viewed and followed sport port competition in the summer Olympics and the second most in the sport itself. 


                                 2.The FIFA world cup.

                Many people are simply used to call it just ''World Cup'' which is very okay. It draws in more viewers than the entire Olympic games. Inspired by by the success of soccer at the Olympics games. FIFA begans its attempts to organize an international soccer tournaments of its own in 1904. World cup has been played every four years rising above its early obstacles of intercontinental conflicts to become s the world's premier football event. What makes the FIFA world cup truly the best world football event its cultural symbolism. The FIFA world represents overcoming national differences and uniting together as a world under the name of soccer. The world cup represents peace, diversity and tolerance for soccer and society, the world cup is truly a "world" event.


                                   3.UEFA Europa league.

                Previously simply called the  UEFA cup, the UEFA Europa league is an annual football association club competition organised by the UEFA. European football clubs can qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and club competitions. It is held annually with games happening all year round, with the final championship posted by a different member. European countries sometime during early July tickets must be purchased and travel arrangements made several months in advance of the final championship, or a week in advance of a regular game. The UEFA Europa league is special because its one of the most important and popular football tournaments in Europe, with winners being qualified for higher-ranking UEFA competitions like the champions league or the European championship. 


                                     4.FA cup. 

                It's an annual knockout football association competition between English men football teams. First played in 1871, it is the world's oldest association, football competition and is organised by the football association. It is held every year in the month of June in a different English city. If you live outside of England, its like UEFA Europa league where you are supposed to have made travel arrangements several weeks to a few months in advance. The FA cup is special and unique because its the world oldest football competition. 


                                      5.Africa Cup of Nations.

                 Also referred to as AFCON, the Africa Cup of Nations, which is one of the most important and popular places for soccer in the world. It was founded in 1957. Since 1968 it has been held every two years, in June in a different African city, with winners being qualified for the FIFA world cup championship. 









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Hi Samuel,

Great round of research as always! Your post was very neat and organized, and being a fan of soccer myself, it was enjoyable to read. I've heard of the first four competitions you listed, but I didn't know anything about the Africa Cup of Nations before now, so I learned something new today! Perhaps something you might be interested in researching is how it is that soccer, being such a competitive sport that can create such high emotions in the players and fans and coaches, manages to actually bring people together and promote peace and tolerance.

Here are some articles you might want to give a read if you're interested:

Good luck!

Hi Samuel! Because I am soccer player myself, I was very interested in your work because I haven't seen a post about soccer until now. I really like the way you organise your work, it is very neat and easy to read! I found it to be also very informative too! Until now I had not heard of the African Cup of Nations, and now I am intrigued and will be looking into it  

Good luck on future research!

Hi Samuel

Great round of research!

Personally i am not a sports person and definitely not a soccer person.  I never really understood the importance of it and why it was so popular.  However after being educated more on soccer by your post, my view is changing.  I never really stopped to think about the unity it brings around the world.  In this world we are all so separated form each other,by race, religion etc, so i see now how important this is.  I didn't realize also the numerous different kinds of championships.  The FIFA world cup is considerably interesting.  The fact that it get's more views than the entire Olympics is crazy.  It makes me wonder with all that, what do the profits of the world cup go too?

For me, the money aspect is what i don't understand the most.  Why are soccer players payed so much?  I understand their incredible talent, but lot's of people contribute considerably more to society and get payed much much less.  This is not to try and take away the importance of soccer at maybe that could be an interesting thing to look into for your next round!

Overall really great round and i look forward to reading your next one.



Hey,Love the information you shared it’s a Great round of research ! Your post was very thorough and organized, and I found this very interesting because I play soccer myself, it was enjoyable to read. I've heard of the first two competitions you listed, but  I didn't know anything about the Africa Cup of Nations before now, I am very interested in this topic and would love to learn more. Perhaps something you might be interested in researching is the effect soccer has on people we all know the physical benefits of being active but how does this sport individually pull people together and what effect does it have on people and countries. Does it bring people or divide them. Looking forward to your next post!! 


Hi Samuel! 

Awesome round of research. I actually learned quite a bit about soccer and it's corresponding events. Also, I liked how you organized your research into categories, discussing each soccer event per paragraph. I have never been good at playing soccer, but watching huge events such as FIFA brings together so many fans and nations! For your next round of research, you should discuss why soccer has attracted so many people, and what "age group" is particularly the most attracted to this sport. 

Here are some sources that can help you! 

Good luck


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