Hello everyone! My project so far has definitely been fun but now it's the end of the cycle so goodbye for now!

How had it impacted my thinking? I've learned to search for a lot of sides on an argument. People's stances on milk go from one extreme to another. Scientific studies have results that go from one extreme to another. Still, one should always make sure the research is well rounded and judged fairly.

How will this investigation impact the decisions I make? While I'm not someone who drinks milk regularly(I'm food sensitive so I stick to almond milk), It does make me question a lot of the food we eat. How good can it all be? What alternatives would be better? Why does such a small part of what we eat cover an entire section on the ''Canadian food guide"?

Describe the broader impact this new knowledge have on others locally/globally? Knowing more about what we eat is good for everyone. People love to follow health food trends but almost never do proper research. I think it's always good to do your research before fully committing to an idea.

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Hello Katelyn! 

Nice metamorphosis! Pretty cool how Butterfly Effect realllllly works huh! Make you go beyond what you learn in school - well depending on topic you choose! 

You can always extend this research if you need it but i'm happy to read whatever you may choose next as your topic! 

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Santa is coming!


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