Ongoing Reflection- Fashion Evolution

  Hey folks! 

 Hard to believe I've been researching the same question for so long. It's been fun and informative, but I feel it's time to wrap it up now. Here's what I have to say for my reflection; 

 How has this inquiry impacted your thinking? 

  I think I'm more conscious of what is going on in the fashion industry because of this project. I am also glad I looked at current fashion in different cultures and places around the world- this has helped me to have a more accurate perception of these cultures, and somehow I feel more connected to the rest of the world now that I've looked beyond my own culture. 

 It's cool to have developed an eye for trends, but I think there are parts of my investigation that were more informative and had a greater impact on my thinking. For instance, I definitely notice marketing tricks more, especially those based around gender. I've also been thinking a LOT lately about the environment- not just the effect that fashion has on it, but that's definitely a huge part of it. I've been thinking a lot about how much clothing is thrown away, clothing that's in fine condition and can still be used, and how it has such a horrible effect on the environment. Which brings me to my next point; 

 How will this investigation impact the decisions you make? 

 This project has really influenced my decisions when I go to buy clothes. If any research round effected my decisions the most, it was the one where I looked at the environment. I was so sad to see how much stuff we wear and throw away, so I've been WAY more conscious of what I'm buying and where it's coming from. I honestly was never much of a shopper, even before I started this project, but when I do go to buy clothes, I really take the time to think carefully about whether or not I really need them. In the future, I think I'll be shopping more at places that sell used clothing. I do feel like I've become more empathetic about the environment because of this project. 

 How will it help others locally and globally? 

 I hope others will get something out of this project. I think this would help other people to really pause and think about the industry and whether or not what they're buying is necessary. The environmental points I think would be the most powerful for other people. 

 I also think this will help other people be aware of all the marketing in the fashion industry based around pop culture and social issues. 

 And, I hope that my research about fashion around the world will make people feel more connected to other cultures and not stereotype them based on the clothes they think they would wear.

  Well, I guess this is it. Thank you to all the teachers and students who helped me with this research. I appreciate all your comments and support!   

 - Sophie Holland 


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Hey Sophie!

Congratulations on finishing your cycle! I think it's really interesting and as you know, my new inquiry is quite similar to yours so I will definitely be checking out your research in order to progress mine . I agree with you when you say that your research will impact people in the sense that they will be more mindful about what they buy and why they are buying it.

Overall, great job! I'm excited to see what you come up with next!

Hi Sophie!

Great job on the cycle! I've never considered myself as much of a fashion nut... but your information was really eye-opening! I even showed some of your posts to my sister and we talk about how we can relate to what you've said. I find that now, when I walk around Charles Best, I can see things like mirroring and people wearing almost the same thing!

Keep it up! I'll be there to support you!


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