On going reflection #1 "How are languages learned?" How my inquiry impacts my thinking and decision making, and its effect on others locally.

Hey guys. Working on the Inquiry Question was such a big challenge for me. At the beginning part of this inquiry project, I was struggling with my topic and didn't know how to handle it. My first inquiry question was "the brain effects of learning another language"; however after I shared this with other butterfly effecters, I truly realized how I was just too optimistic toward this topic. After that, I started thinking about it more widely, and found a project partner named Haleigh Stricker. Through our discussion, we've got a great idea that improves our topic and strikes a chord with you guys and cites a number of examples from our experience. I think some of you might know already that my partner Haleigh is a language nerd(it's a compliment actually) who is trying to learn more than five languages at one time, and one of them is Japanese which is my first language. This helped us a lot to create a new topic.  Overall this project impacts my thinking and decision making: I have definitely learned Success is what happens after I have made all those mistakes. When I'm studying English, I try to be conscious of applying what I learned to real situations not just to input them, especially the technical jargon, such as the word "Asymmetrical." In fact, I used this word to one of my friends to explain how I enjoyed his painting; I barely remember that I used it as a compliment, and his reaction was kind of unique. I was very curious if I had said something wrong or not so I googled it. I found the following definition: 

  • Asymmetrical – unequal proportioned elements

It was too late when I realized that I mistakenly used a word that has the opposite meaning. However since then, for some reason, I never forget this word and command it well. Considering this fact, so far, I assume it's the best way of memorizing and increasing one's vocabulary. I really hope my investigation, including the fact above, would have critically good impacts on others who are figuring out some ways and tips to improve their learning. If permitted I really would love to continue this research even more widely and deeply.

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Hey Tainoshin,

It's very cool that you were able to take both Haleigh's and your experiences practicing new languages and use this to better refine the way you would approach your inquiry topic. I think that your original inquiry was a great way to start off your journey learning a new language or developing any secondary languages. Understanding how the brain transforms as your linguistic skills develop would help you better understand the benefits of practicing language skills. Regardless, I'm excited to see what research you'll post in the New Year!

Great work

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