Hey guys I'm really sorry for being inactive on this site I have been working in a book, although it's fun to cut and paste photos its hard going back and forth on the site, I lost a bit of interest in my inquiry as well, although I am still going to scan my book and post it on the site. But I am pretty happy to say that I’m starting a new inquiry that I find pretty exciting and I hope you do too! I will be posting my research on the site so I will be more active and you guys will get to see more as well!


         My new inquiry was going to be “How does language shape the way we see the world?” but that is pretty broad so for right now I'm going to be focusing on our languages and colours and my inquiry will be “How does our language interpret the way we see colours?”, I will be looking into the history, then comparing different cultures with different languages, I'll also look into how we see, and interpret colours etc. If you guys have any thoughts on this or any other ideas that you think I should cover I would love to hear them!


Thank you


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Hello @Jadyn Anderson (LFAS)!

No problem! The perks about this course and class is that. Its topic we commit and find interest in to learn more about! Things do change as time goes on and as you said, time has passed and your curiosity has shifted!
Really great to have you back in the community nevertheless! 

On to your actual question though. This is a great one. That's really cool because languages is how we communicate. And depending what language is used, the way we describe or talk about things are already different! How we look at the world? I can imagine. 

The ideas of colors and languages being connected is really cool. I am not even sure how this will even work but you have my attention to see what you find out!

Hopefully these sources could help with these big questions!

Keep it up! 


This topic is super interesting and there is a lot of information out there that I think you will find quite fascinating especially relating to the way we see colour. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that there are languages that have words for more colours than we have. Some cultures have less words for colours than we do for example one didn’t have a word for the colour brown but instead would use descriptive words such as tree bark and dirt to describe the colour. There have also been experiments where groups of people that don’t have a word for a certain colour weren’t able to distinguish it from drastically different colours yet had many words for a colour we only have one word for and were able to rapidly distinguish the different colours that we see as the same colour. Language has such a deep connection to the world around us and I am very excited to read about your further discoveries.


Here’s the link to the experiment on differentiating similar colours



Best of luck on your research!

  • Sephine Lauzé

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