New Idea For a Flying Machine

Hey there everyone!

So i have been encountering so many problems with this helicopter idea, that i have decided to research a new flight option.  This one is not so much a "flight" project as a "hover" project.

So first things first I technically have already built a hover board.  I used the same principals as today's hover crafts.  Or the same idea that is used on an air hockey table.  However although cool and cheap (26$) it did not have the power to lift someone larger than 70lbs. this link should take you too my hover board video.

My new plan will cost a lot more, however it should be able to fly or at least hover a foot or so above the ground.

I plan on using EDFs, or electric ducted fans to build it, which have a very high thrust to weight ratio for electric motors.

EDF's look something like this

They are basically small, electric jet engines.  and they are very cool.

Thanks for reading!!!


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