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Hello everyone I have risen again…..

I wanted to introduce my new cycle of research! Mind you it’s not entirely new because I am continuing to explore the same topic, simply a different area. For my previous cycle I focused mainly on environmental impacts of waste disposal but for this cycle I will be focusing on social behaviours.

What is throw-away living and how has it evolve? How does the media play a part in influencing our impact on the environment? These are some questions I have started exploring as well as the power of “greenwashing” and if government funded waste management efforts affect our attitudes towards waste.

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Hey Sephine! 

I'm glad you enjoyed your previous cycle of environmental impacts of waste disposal, and are now branching out near the same topic but on social behaviours. I'm excited to see what you have in store for us for the research rounds to come! 

On another note, I found some websites that could help you attain useful information. 

Here's a couple:


Good luck!

Hey Stephanie!

Really interesting topic!  I like that you have decided to continue to work on that same topic.  I really wish we talked more about this in school, so I'm really glad your writing about it.

I really liked the part of your question that says how does media play apart in how we are impacted on the environment.  Now a days the internet is used for so many great things.  It's used to spread awareness, like with that Instagram account that every time you repost one dollar is donated to support autism awareness and acceptance.  It baffles me that with all that, there is so little on the internet about climate change, and protecting our environnement.  Not to say that there is nothing out there, however I wish there was more to make people finally believe climate change.  I watched a really great ted talk about climate change that made it clear that we only have 12 years left before our effects on the environnement are irreversible.


good luck!

Hi Sephine,

Great project plan! I like how you're continuing on with this same topic but exploring different aspects of it, and I think you've raised some really good questions. It would be interesting to know when and why throwaway living started, and perhaps how implementing education on the importance of reducing waste and ways that we can do so could possibly help reverse our society's throwaway culture for the generations to come before it becomes an even bigger problem than it already is.

Here are some interesting articles that I found:

Good luck!

Hi Sophie!
I really like your project plan, it seems to be something that you’re interested in, so it’s great that you’ll be expanding your knowledge on the topic even more. I think it will be interesting to read about social behaviors and you could possibly compare to the environmental impacts. Here are some websites to help you out:

Good luck!

Hey Stephanie,

I love your topic! If I'm being honest, I had never heard of the term "throw-away living", so I had to look it up myself. However, the more I read about it, the more interested I was. I think it will be very neat to see what you uncover.

If you are interested, you could look a little into value, intrinsic value, and the level of "coolness" related to an object and how that impacts how long we keep it for. For example, if we buy something solely because it is cool, how long is it until it becomes uncool and we throw it away? A great example of this is the fidget spinner buzz. They were super cool (ironically or unironically), everyone bought them so more people began producing them, and then they were everywhere. They became uncool and people stopped buying them, and where do you think they ended up? Probably in the trash.

You could also look a little into trash island!

Here are a couple of sites you may be able to use:

Good luck!

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