Hello everyone, in my first post I have looked on the negative impact of technology on communication .       1. Impact on interpersonal communication; The current generations lacks essential interpersonal skills(the ability to express the ideas and thoughts to other face to face )A major reason for this tendency is increased frequency of communication through texting and chatting on websites.        2.Effects on nonverbal communication;Technological means of communication has affected nonverbal communication .lack of face-to-face interaction has  reduced the nonverbal grasping power of individuals. 3.Near yet far;Teenagers especially ,are always  hooked to the social networking sites.They are more close to on line friends ,but the gap between parents on kids has increased considerably .        4.Reduced social interactions; Consider socializing among people.Life has changed a lot;there are no social meetings and get together(the frequency has reduced )people are more bothered about their online life rather the real social life.          5.Has lead to many addictions;  People have literally become addicted to the internet feel lonely and isolated .          

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Hey Joan, 

Great first post on the negative impacts of technology on communication! Honestly, I'm glad you are tackling this topic because as generations evolve we become less verbal and more dependent on our screens. I believe most people use technology on a daily basis for work, social life and even learning. Don't get me wrong it is a very useful tool; however, there are some negative impacts that come along with it. As you mentioned above, teens are constantly on social networking and they use it to communicate with their friends. Yet, there have been many incidents where cyberbullying has taken place which is another negative impact of technology. Teens hide behind their screens and say hurtful things because they are too afraid to communicate with the victim in person. Perhaps touching base on cyberbullying could help your research in the future. Here is a link to help you out. 


Hey Joan

Great topic choice, i think people tend to forget to look at all sides of things and especially of technology.   Technology has so many great benefits like communicating with people all over the world and being able to reach people whenever you need.  But i know that having contact with people at all times can be very stressful as well.  I know with my mom's work she has a lot of stress because people call her at all hours of the night when it's her own private time and they don't respect that.  So i think that a stress inducer is definitely a negative impact for technology on communication.  So i think that might be an interesting thing to look into!  Here is a few links:



As well as one on communication in general


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