Hello butterfly effect,i have find out that there are five mode of transport.These are road transportation,rail transportation and pipelines,maritime transportation,air transportation and telecommunication.We are know that transportation enables us move from one location to another thus enabling trade between people possible,which is essential for development of civilizations.

Even   though it help us to transport,it has an effect.Transportation is a major user of energy which burns most of the world’s petroleum.This brings about global warming through the. emission of harmful gases,which destroys the ozone layer

Even if it causes some effects,transport projects improve overall accessibility.Good examples;they improve business ability to provide services.They also enables people’s ability to access education,employment and services.This reduces time wasted during transport.I am imagining life without transportation.How could it be?Nowadays we depend on these modes of transport so that we can move from one place to another.A world without transportation!Our world today depends heavily on means of transport.Either trains,airplanes boats or even bicycles.

Imagine when we want to import goods from America ,and transport is not there or not improve,those goods would never reach to kenya ,but because transportation is  there.Thus we are able to import and export goods from and to other countries. Think about all the opportunity that would be lost if transportation was not there.


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Hi Ashilline,

I like your topic! It really opened my eyes. I agree with you: think about where the world will be if there is no such thing as transportation! I personally take the bus to school regularly. If I were to walk to school everyday, it would take me 3 times longer! Furthermore, I find it astonishing that there are also so many various types of transportation that our world has currently, and how they really help with the accessibility of goods. Nonetheless, your project really demonstrated the importance that we should be taking in our best efforts diminue our fuel consumptions. Climate change is becoming such an enormous issue for our society. The ozone layer is become smaller, and it's a real issue. I recently read an interesting article that said mentioned that we only have about a dozen years to keep global warming at a maximum of 1.5C. If we don't do that and if there is as small as a half degree increase, our planet can face huge risks of droughts, floods and extreme heats. Mesures should be taken to slow down climate change. As you've mentioned, it's going to be hard to change our ways of transportation. If you would like to look into this crisis, I just searched up some interesting articles about the recent findings of climate change.

 Hope you'll find these articles interesting!


The websites:





Hi Ashilline,

Great round of research! I think it's good that you took an unbiased approach to your topic by looking at both the positive and negative sides there are to transportation. Yes, transportation can have very harmful long-term effects on the environment, but society also depends heavily on the modes of transportation we have. Without access to these modes of transportation, our world we live in would be very different. However, something we need to work on is making our transportation methods more efficient and diminishing the negative impact they have. One thing you could maybe look into is self-driving vehicles. I think that in the future, if all the vehicles are connected and communicate with each other, the traffic would flow much more nicely and would make it more efficient and less congested. Moreover, if we move towards more electric vehicles, there would be less emissions released into the atmosphere.

Here are some websites you may find useful:



Good luck!

Hello Ashilline Its a good research you have carried out! You have made me to understand that other than mode of transpoert being advantageouse to the human being, it has got even disadvantages. You have mention about the emission of gasses that destroy the ozone layer and also helps in overall accesibility. Its a very nice topic that I will usually keep following. Maybe next time you can decide to check on the comparison between those modes of transport one after the other. You are doing a very nice job. The link below will help you to do so. https://www.aboutcivil.org/com...modes-transportation

Hello Ashilline,

Your research this week was very eye-opening. Most people take transportation and the things it provides for us (food, resources, products, etc.) for granted. However, you showcased how little we would have without our advanced transportation. This reminded me a little bit about something I was reading in History; during the Russian Revolution, the people of Petrograd faced a serious famine. However, they had supplies of food (in most cases), they just lacked the transportation necessary to supply people with that food. 

I think it would be neat if you could find transportation methods that would avoid the negative effects you've written about, and how people could enforce or encourage them. If you find any that seem more beneficial or environmentally-friendly but are not popular or widely used, you could look into why people don't use or rely on them (like biking, for example).
https://www.transalt.org/ here is a website devoted to trying to turn New York City into a biking, walking, and transit only city. You could maybe find some information here on why people make the switch to these environmentally-friendly alternatives and why people don't.

Great research so far, keep up the good work

Hello Ashilline, 

I was very intrigued by reading your research. You are completely right. Transportation is crucial in our economical development, no matter what type. It is how we connect with so many different countries around the world and help each other reach our objectives, by exporting goods and other content! You talked about how different life on earth would be without transportation, but maybe you could add this and tie it to your next round of research. Perhaps, you could discuss how life on earth would be if transportation, simply, did not exist. 

Here's a source I found that might help you retain some information for your next round of research! 


Great job!


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