In Sweden, many have microchips implanted into their hands (cash is almost extinct).  It allows them to pay for anything (food, transportation, parking lots, etc) and even allows people to enter keyless offices.  There are even some stores that are cash free.




  • Tasks will be made easier
  • Less items to carry around
  • No cash/more banking online
  • Will never lose your key again
  • Privacy risks
  • Hackers
  • Stolen microchips
  • Tracking (people will always know where you are or where you have been)


One user of this technology is Hannes Sjöblad, he explains how this chip makes his life much easier.  Instead of carrying around all these keys and cards, he can simply use the chip in his hand.  It can be used for a variety of things (opening doors, phones, cars, etc). “The microchips are radio frequency identification tags.  The same technology widely used in things like key cards. The chips have been implanted in animals for years to help identify lost pets and now the technology is moving to humans.” ("Microchips Implanted In Humans: Practical Or Perilous?").  

Sjöblad says he has implant parties where people get to know one another when getting chipped together.  Though a few problems that have occurred is that every touch leaves behind a digital footprint, which can disturb someone's privacy.  In other words, wherever you go everybody knows.  The chips are also easily hacked. So it is a good idea not to put important things or any life secrets on there.  This is great technology so it is important to know it is there to use and that there are limits to which you should use it.  It is predicted that the next generation of chips will be used for monitoring health and fitness. Right now, it's just a way of always having your key or key card with you.



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I visited the websites on microchip implantation in your bibliography and found your resources uploaded fast, and were easy to understand.  You made sure to share your opinion as well as ask for others. I like the way you organized the pros and cons so we could clearly see the benefits and risks. I found this research round very informative and interesting. I can't wait to learn more.  My only suggestion would be to add some colour and visual content (like pictures,videos etc) I came across this TedTalk  about microchip implants and their current medical use,  what research is looking into and issue related to micro implants. Best of luck


 Hi Haley! 

Nice research round. I really enjoyed how you presented your information in a way that can be easily read. The bullet points really made clear of each opinion that supported both concepts of the advantages and disadvantages.

Nonetheless, this round really intrigued me! I never knew that many individuals had microchips implanted into their hands because cash, as you said, “is almost extinct”. I looked into that a bit online, and I’m fascinated (and shocked) of this new trend. I just read about how management consultants, in Swedan, are finding little interest in the concept so far. Apparently, it’s an entirely voluntary exercise intended to be a technological test for convenience. Because of this, I’m growing interest of how the public is perceiving this new dawning of an era of cyborgs. What is the public thinking about this movement to have technology literally becoming a part of us and our bodies? Is there a lot of backlash or are people supporting this change? Are there any social, legal and ethical implications rising with this new stage of technology? On the first website listed below, I read how on women stated that: “We’re already modifying our bodies, why should this be different?”. Thus, I believe that it would be very beneficial in looking into opinions of people from our society. Moreover, I also liked how you gave an example of a person who has a microchip implanted in his body and your explanation of the limits of this type of technology. This example really showed that there are people who support this change and are becoming a part of it. Another suggestion I have is to maybe delve into the concept of transhumanism which is a movement that explores the relationship between science and technology innovations to humanity. You can also look into that in the first website listed below. Moreover, I believe it would also interesting if you were to explain how these microchips work.  

I have really enjoyed following you on your research. You did a formidable job, and I can’t wait until your next post!!


Websites to look into:  


Good luck! 

Alison 😉 

Hi Haley,

Wow, that's some really interesting research! Well done! 

I'd never heard about this before and that it's becoming popular in Sweden, and I'm surprised I haven't. It seems so cool and innovative that you would think that other countries would have caught on and maybe started converting to this too.

I have heard about inserting microchips in pets however, as my old cat had one inserted in his neck so that if he got lost, we would be able to track him down and find him. I suppose that's why there is reason for concern if you use microchips, because being susceptible to being tracked is a little bit concerning. But then again, isn't that also the case with smartphones? Pretty much everyone nowadays has their cellphone on them at all times, and phones are easily tracked too, if I'm not wrong. Often, I will get notifications from Google telling me the traffic conditions in my area, bus times for a bus stop I'm near, and even asking me for some information about a place I visited earlier that day. While it's not like any of that is harming me, it still worries me that they know so much about me and my whereabouts. It just doesn't feel right.

Here are some websites that I think you might find interesting:

Good luck!

Hey Hayley! 

Wow, and I thought this was technology used for the year 3000. It was really cool reading your post. It was very informative and helped me understand why people choose to use microchips in the first place. I had no clue this existed, so it was very interesting to read. Also, I think it'd be really awesome if you could perhaps talk about the history of this idea, and why humans have now decided to use it. 

Great job

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