Metamorphosis- Why do we dream?

Hey everyone, this is my metamorphosis for this cycle with my question “Why do we dream?”. During my research, I’ve looked into multiple different things such as different kinds of dreams or different sleep disorders and how they affect our dreams. It was quite interesting to read and research and I enjoyed it a lot.  In my first research round, I looked into what dreams are and what happens in the brain during dreams and the whole process of it. In my second research round, I looked into different types of dreams people have. For my third round, I looked into different sleep disorders and how they affect dreams and sleep. And finally, for my fourth round, I looked into different mental illnesses and how they affect dreams and sleep. Now here’s what I have learned.

Discussion of how my inquiry now impacts my thinking

Dreams have always been a topic that I could develop so many questions about. I remember I would wake up from my sleep and just have a completely crazy dream and then start to wonder how and why I dreamt about that. And it has always bothered me that sometimes I would wake up from a dream and remember really enjoying it, then a few short seconds later, I’d completely forget everything and wonder how I just forgot everything in less than a second even though I was thinking about it. Those are only a few of the many things that I’ve always asked myself questions about. It was very interesting for me to understand why some of those things happen and to learn that there is much more to it than I expect. After I learned so many things, a lot of the questions I had were answered and everything started to click and make sense. For an example, one of the questions I’ve had was why do dreams sometimes make no sense at all? In my research, I learned that during REM sleep(the stage of sleep in which you dream in), the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that deals with logic and self control, is way less active.  That could be why dreams sometimes don’t make sense, the logical part of your brain isn’t being used.

How this investigation will impact the decisions I make

Although my topic was about dreams, I did learn a lot about sleep and how important it is as a lot of websites talked about dreams and sleep so I learned a lot about both of them. I learned about how important it is to get a good night’s rest and to get enough sleep. So now, I should be always trying to get an ideal amount of sleep each night. How much sleep you get does affect you on a day to day basis so it is really important.

The broader impacts this new knowledge might have on others locally and/or globally

During my third and fourth round of research, I looked into different sleep disorders and mental illnesses and how they affect dreams and sleep. I did also look into what the disorder is and the causes and effects and symptoms and then how they affect sleep and dreams. This information could help people if they have one of these disorders or possibly know someone who does. It could also many different questions that someone may have about dreams and educate them on the topic.

Challenges I faced

One of the challenges I faced was finding reliable sources. Many websites either didn’t seem reliable and my judgement was telling me that the information could be false. However, I did find some scientific articles that were reliable but the challenge I faced with that was the vocabulary was complicated which made it difficult for me to understand. To overcome those challenges, I would look into the website a bit and determine whether it seems legit or not. I would take a look at who wrote the article and the background information of the website and all. For the second challenge,  I would try my best to understand what the article is saying and look up the definitions and synonyms of words I was unsure about. That definitely helped me understand the article much better.

That’s my metamorphosis for this cycle! As to next cycle, I am still unsure whether I will continue with this topic or choose a new one. Thanks for reading.


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Hello Rhea,

Last year in my science class my inquiry question was very similar and I picked it because dreams are so fascinating. Because of my own research on the topic I was very excited reading your rounds because of how much new information you gathered. Our rounds were very similar but I really enjoyed reading things from someone else's perspective. Thank you for sharing! 

-Sienna Saunders

Hey Rhea! 

Throughout your research, I have been very interested in the information you have been sharing and wasn't really aware of how sleep disorders affect dreams. You've come a long way in your cycle, I have learned a lot. Last year in science class, I had made an inquiry about sleep cycles and REM, so it was very interesting to apply my knowledge to your research. You should consider continuing about sleep in your next inquiry topic; you show a lot of effort and confidence in it. 

Great job! 

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