Metamorphosis - Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?

Hey everybody! This will be my last post of my cycle, meaning I will be going depth for my metamorphosis. As you probably know, the question for this inquiry topic is: 

                  "Why are people being affected by drugs at music festivals?"

1. Discussion of how your inquiry now impacts your thinking 

Before starting my inquiry, my knowledge about music festivals and recreational drugs weren't too high; meaning I had to research for quite a while to understand my very own questions. But now that I have completed my inquiry, it helped me see different points of views. While I was posting my rounds of research, I first realized that the meaning of attending music festivals is different for everyone. Some go for the music, some don't. When I first realized this, it opened my eyes to an entire different level. I am now able to think more broadly, to a larger audience of readers. My inquiry impacted my thinking by using small details to grow my research; to acquire a better understanding of it. 

2. How will this investigation impact the decisions you make. 

While discovering about how this inquiry has changed my thoughts and perspectives towards the reader, it has also taught me a few lessons. Browsing through sources and reading the information I was interpreting changed my ways of seeing music festivals. Noticing the risks of certain recreational drugs, including peer pressure and the social market influencing teenagers, has taught me to be more caution in my school and community. This inquiry cycle has been happening since September, and along the months I have witnessed some of the information I was sharing to others. I noticed peer pressure; the positives and negatives. It is really interesting to me how work that is layed out for us develops our thinking capabilities and the way we perceive others. I will always stand my ground with confidence, and not let anyone else make the decision for me. 

3. Describe the broader impacts this new knowledge might have on others locally/and or globally.

Staying away from drugs is something that is told, especially to the youth. But as teenagers are being introduced to new environments, these type of activities may come in the way. Take concerts as an example. The discoveries I have learned about how substance abuse can be found in these locations means teenagers have to take an extra step of caution. I believe with the knowledge I have shared through my four rounds of research, I helped people, especially the youth, to be warned about the factors that comes with drugs. It can be implied at music festivals. In these events, peer pressure, being unaware and the influence of markets to the youth all join together for the reasoning behind a teen's drug use. Hopefully, my discoveries have made some more alert and cautious on what they are getting themselves into. Like I said, music festivals are everywhere. Therefore, it is in the hands of the victim to make sure they make the right decision. 

4. Discussion of the challenges you faced during the project and a description of how you overcame these challenges. 

During this project, the major challenge was that I felt like I didn't have the chance to open up as much. I felt like I had the potential to dig deeper in my research and find out more persistent details to share. However, I did not choose to go down this path and instead stuck with what I had originally set in my project plan. Frankly, I did not understand the purpose of doing more in order to improve the knowledge of mine and others. Of course, I still had the opportunity to learn so much through my research. But as I said, I wasn't quite putting in my full potential and was not aware on what to do about it. A way I overcame this challenge was asking myself the purpose of the research. What was it I was trying to find out? What can I do to appeal others? What am I missing? Asking myself these questions set my thoughts straight and I had the chance to prove this in my fourth round of research, discussing markets who are influencing drug activity to the youth. 

And that's it guys! 
My very first cycle is now complete, and I am very thankful for the learning I received and what I have learned from others. 

See you soon!

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Hey Venus, congratulations on finishing your research! I like how detailed it is and easy it to read. Your research rounds this cycle was also really well planned and interesting to read! I think the topics you looked into especially peer pressure is very common in teens and so it was very intriguing to read. 

Overall, good job this cycle! 

Congrats Venus! All your research has been really interesting. Currently I'm working on how tobacco affects youth, so I personally think it would be really interesting for you to look more into the marketing of these drugs and how they sell to teens and young adults. Here's a source I've been looking into, and while it doesn't fit directly into what you're researching, I think you might be able to get something out of it

Hey Venus!

Congratulations on finishing your first cycle! It has been a lot of fun for me to follow you through the journey of your inquiry and I think you've done a great job! I really appreciate how you admitted that there was a point where you thought you could push yourself harder and it was great to hear how you overcame this. I think most of us on this site can relate to that feeling so it's great to hear you express this. 

Again, great job and good luck with your upcoming inquiry! 

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