Metamorphosis- Should euthanasia be legalized?

Hi and welcome to my Metamorphosis!! This past cycle of research rounds, my topic has been: should Euthanasia be legalized.  Quick recap on what euthanasia is:  “Euthanasia is a deliberate act undertaken by one person with the intention of ending the life of another person to relieve that person’s suffering where that act is the cause of death.”

These are my different rounds:

Round 1: I looked into the different places euthanasia is Legal, their reasons for it and the different laws and rules regarding it

Round 2: I looked into which religions are for and against it, their reasoning behind it, and how euthanasia conflicts with religion

Round 3: I looked into who would implicate it (ex: doctors, themselves family members?) and how would doing this affect them.  ie: going against their religion, going against the doctors oath etc.

Round 4: I looked into the abuse of euthanasia, so looking at different ways it could be abused and looking into if people should be allowed to put it in their wills.


Discussion of how your inquiry topic now impacts your thinking:

This topic was something I knew nothing about originally.  One day me and my mom were talking in the car and bouncing idea’s off of one another for inquiry questions and this came up.  She quickly explained what it was and I knew from there I wanted to do it.  Initially I was totally for making it legal.  I didn’t understand how there was even an argument against it.  I thought that its’ my body so it’s my decision.  However after learning about the different reasons why different groups of people are against it, i became to second guess my quick thinking to just say yes.  I hadn’t considered that the big population of people who are religious would totally be against it.  For Christians they say that god is the only one that has the right to decide who lives and who dies.   In Islam culture, Endurance and patience are given a lot of value, so euthanasia does not coincide with that, because it is not following through with your journey.  For doctors, it completely goes against their oath to take one’s life on purpose.  Therefore this topic completely impacted my thinking by opening my mind to realize that maybe I’m not as perceptive or as much of a deep thinker as I thought.  I thought that I always looked at all sides and considered everything, but the effects on others hadn’t really crossed my mind when thinking about it.  So this topic impacted my thinking by making me more aware of not only the different arguments for and against euthanasia, but for other topics as well


How will this investigation impact the decisions you make

Well currently I am definitely not thinking about being euthanized, but hypothetically if I was I would be very glad I did this research.  Before I would have just said yes, if I was in that big of an amount of pain to be eligible for euthanasia I would have done it.  However now taking everything into account I don’t think I could.  I have 2 very religious grandparents and I don’t think I could leave this earth thinking that they disapproved of what I did.   Also the fact that people who are given 3 months to live, live on for years and years more all the time, so how would I know that it was truly my time when I could very well live past my estimated time to live.  I would also be aware that someone, one unlucky doctor would be going completely against their beliefs for me.  And the fact that having my family watch me die intentionally would be terrible, even if I was in a better place.  So overall this investigation has impacted me by completely changing the decision I would make if I was faced with this, which I think is really incredible.


Describe the broader impacts the new Knowledge might have on others locally and/or globally

Locally in Coquitlam, it has not been a big issue yet.  It’s not somewhere like Oregon where there were huge protests against it being legalized and there were articles published, therefore locally I think it could impact us a lot by making others aware of something maybe a lot of people didn’t know about.  I’m sure most adults know what euthanasia is, but I bet a lot of them don’t know the big debate on whether it should be legal or not and that it’s a very interesting topic and something that should be known.  I think that globally this research would help the debate a lot.  Looking into the places it’s been legalized, there have been quite a few investigations into the reasoning’s behind the decision, so for different countries considering that before they legalize it would be beneficial.  Also the fact that doctors are the ones that are supposed to initiate it is global problem, and one that no one has a solution too.  So my research could be really great all over before making their decisions for or against it.


Discussion of the challenges you faced during the project and description of how you overcame these challenges

The challenges I faced during this project were: time management and being able to put others research into my own words in an understandable way.  Time management is something im normally quite good at, but as this is a course outside of my 4 regular classes it often got pushed to the side and then left to write all in one knight.  I work well when things are left to the last minute and I really have to push myself to finish, so I kept letting myself do that, but reflecting back I think my rounds could have been better if I had given myself more time to proof read and edit in the end.  I wish I could say I overcame it and kept it that way, but I only really improved for half of the rounds and then did the same thing for the others, but I hope to do better for next cycle.  The other challenge was putting things into my own words and it making sense.  With this topic there were a lot of confusing papers about it and about religion so I found it hard to deconstruct it to put into my own words.  But throughout it, I chose to stop getting so frustrated with myself for not understanding and take deep breaths and reread and look up the harder thins to comprehend.  In the end I was really happy with how I overcame that struggle.


Well that’s a wrap!!  Thank you for reading my rounds and I hope you enjoyed them!


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Hey Catherine!

Thank you so much for this amazing project! I had never heard of the term euthanasia before your project and it is very interesting topic. I find you went into a lot of depths with your research and I found myself with the same struggles and challenges that you faced throughout the investigation. I also really admired how you talked about religion during your metamorphosis and your own connection and opinion on the topic. Your subject is very different from all the other inquiry's and it amazes me how well the research was done. I am very happy to have learned so many new things while reading your rounds and hope you continue your research. If you chose to continue with this subject I wish you the best of luck

-Sienna Saunders


Hi Catherine!

I think it's great that you're informing people of all the possible benefits and drawbacks to euthanasia. It's a touchy subject and many people have very strong beliefs and opinions on whether or not it should be allowed. I think it's important to know and understand every viewpoint on subjects of the like. Once you've seen every angle to it, your reasoning is more solid because you know more about it. Of course, there's no right or wrong answer to it, but like in your case, you may change your mind based on things you learned about it that impact your opinion. I think it's great that you're taking your research into consideration and connecting it to your personal life.

Overall, great rounds of research and metamorphosis, and I'm eager to see what you research next!


I really enjoyed following your research throughout this cycle, I found it very interesting to learn about! I too thought it should be legalised at first, but after reading your posts I'm not so sure. I really like how you helped spread more knowledge about the topic and got the conversation going! Euthanasia is very controversial, and I think you explained both points of view very well. I liked your portion on how it might affect your life in the future, I thought that was very well done.

Amazing job!


Hi Catherine!

I'd like to thank you for your inquiry topic, because now it is something I think of very often. At first, I was for euthanasia and was very confident with my opinion. But after having the chance of reading your research which included different points of view and reasoning, I am now not too sure. But overall, you did a terrific job of including all the answers to the questions you have asked and made it intriguing for all of us. 

Great job along the way!

 Hello Catherine!

 Great way to wrap up your research rounds - euthanasia can be a controversial subject and it's important to realize the seriousness of it. I definitely liked how you looked at this topic from multiple perspectives and considered the beliefs of other people, such as doctors or people of certain religions, and how that affects one's decision to be euthanized. I think it was very interesting to connect religion to this topic as well. Religion can open up a whole new set of facts for nearly any topic. It was also interesting to learn how this could affect your own decisions, because it's not something we assume we'll have to think about at this age, but it is important to understand how others are affected. 

 Good luck with future topics, this one was very interesting! 

Hhi Catherine,

I think that was very goood of you and the creative way you have wrapped up your rounds.To start with,your inquiry topic was captivating and the rest of the rounds were just awesome!

I appreciate that you considered christian beliefs associated with life and the social impacts that a region is going to suffer after the Act has been amended .I also appreciate the fact that you have stated some of the states where euthanasia is legal and those where it is illegal and the laws regulating its use and the consequences of its abuse.all the same,this one relies on ones choices when the right time comes and the effects our decisions will have on other people.

i liked your rounds and wish you good luck in your future posts.

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