Metamorphosis on discussing the impact of social media

Inquiry question: How might social media affect teens (13-19 years old)?

The project brings me many new thinkings and simultaneously, it changes my point of views and gives me more angles to look at the essence while doing researches. At first, when I consider impacts on teens, all that I can think about is the negative influence, for example, cyber-bullying and hacking-stuffs. I ignore these good facets that social media can take on us, for example, education, a new era of coding and creative opportunities. While I'm working on my project, I feel thankful for these students who write comments below my posts, they help me think a lot, especially to consider things from two opposite facets. After finding so many evidence, I find that it's kind of meaningless if I ignore the aspect of the solution. A series of problems mean a series of phenomena, however, how these facts are caused are something more valuable to discuss. Then it leads me to look at 'blockchain', a technique I discussed in details in the round research 6. And it further concerns about the deep reason for a messy and non-quality market and what customers and network new system can do to alter conditions.

The investigation impacts me especially when I choose directions. It's my first time to do a butterfly effect project. At the beginning, I feel so uncertain about the thing I'm going to work on, however, it's a valuable and challengable topic that I do not want to give up. The investigation starts with the huge attention on teens and it's era product -- social media, the platforms, and these products online attract young generations so much and from a marketing explanation, these products and services belong to unsought product, which we have no awareness that we need it so much. So, social media invade our life without a notice, reasons are complex. When I get no ideas on the topic, I looked at so many data and worries from teachers and parents, then I feel that I lose the direction and all that I find seems no association with the topic. However, the direction comes back when I watched tens of resources, I desire to find the value behind the data. And the investigation leads me to think further about how it becomes like that? Why the platform attracts the young so much?... I find my steps again by watching more and thinking more.

I find it important to develop 'blockchain' locally and globally. This is a totally new concept, it's not only new to me, it's new to the whole network system. The purpose of the blockchain is to build a restriction mechanism to watch all users online. Users have to be responsible for their words, no matter what they speak publicly, the record cannot be deleted. And it has a chain-like system to ensure the accuracy of data analysis, everyone in the chain contributes their work and everyone in the chain watches each other's activity. It's a reasonable set and in this way, we can avoid cyber-bullying or other negative facets from the maximum extent. And also, for the users who can contribute high-quality contents, they have the awards which are transferred from data fluid. The mechanism at least promises a maintaining reliable community, which is pretty much heading to be friendly and innovative. I'm really excited about the idea, however, while having a discussion in Johnston Heights, I realized that there were many moral issues that should be under considerations. For instance, people care about speech freedom, that's something, and users worry about the set about the meaning of 'valuable'. These questions are big, from my perspective, 'blockchain' is still immature, it needs everyone's effort to fix it better.

I feel myself studying a lot during the process of working on the project. Thanks for your guys' comments, which always let me feel that I'm encouraged and I have the confidence to do more challenges in the future.

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This is a great research.i like the point that during your research you encounter many challenges and by solving them you get to learn more about your project.Also using the comments you get is great and adds value to your project.on the point of cyber-bullying watch this movie,"hacker-2017" using the link might be of help in your next research.

all the best in your next research.happy festive season!

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