METAMORPHOSIS ____ How does sleep effect our ability to learn and retain knowledge?

Hello and welcome to my Metamorphosis! For my inquiry question I did “How does sleep effect our ability to learn and retain knowledge?”, through it I learned all about REM and Non-REM sleep, different sleep cycles, things that effect sleep, the circadian rhythm and more. If you wish to visit any of them simply click on the round.


Round 1: Basics of sleep


Round 2: How sleep effects the brain.


Round 3: How certain things effect our need for sleep and sleep’s effect on how certain things function.


Round 4: Answering questions.



Discussion of how your inquiry now impacts your thinking.

My inquiry has impacted my thinking as I now think differently when thinking about whether to stay up late or to go to sleep, and just what time I wake up and when I go to sleep. Instead of thinking that it doesn’t affect much, I now recognize that staying up late to do stuff is generally bad for our learning in the next day and our ability to retain what we need to learn the next day. I can now say that the only way that would work well to stay up late and still be able to learn at the same level would be to take a nap during the day at around 3-4. It has made me think more on my decisions in regard to sleep and just what I do before I go to sleep. One such example would be turning down the thermostat slightly before I go to sleep as a slightly colder (15-19 Celsius) temperature is better for your body when asleep in comparison to the temperature it’s best suited for when awake (18-21 Celsius), and I’ve noticed that after doing this I do feel slightly better in the morning though I’m unsure how much of that is actually cause of the different temperature and how much from me thinking that it would be better.


How will this investigation impact the decisions you make?

This has impacted my decisions in that I now no longer choose to stay up as late as often as before and turn off my phone some 30 minutes before I go to sleep to get a better sleep. It’s also impacted just how I plan out things like doing my homework as I now know that staying up to finish isn’t as good, so I know to plan to do my homework earlier in the day and instead go to sleep at night as that’s better for my health and ability to learn in school. I was also thinking that I might change my sleep cycle to be biphasic rather then monophasic if I can get block 5 lunch for next semester. The reason for this being that a biphasic sleep cycle has been proven to improve retention and attentiveness during the day. When attention usually drops you take a nap instead and so feel more attentive and able to learn, which I think would help me for when I want to study for classes or tests that are on the next day, which would greatly help me in learning the material in certain courses which I might find more difficult otherwise.


Describe the broader impacts this new knowledge might have on others locally and/or globally.

This knowledge while not having an impact on a local or global community it would be helpful to just about anyone in the world to know it, as it would help them be more productive and better learn and retain knowledge during the day. So if this were shown and taught to everyone in the world it would help make people think more before staying up really late and might make more people get a good nights sleep and increase peoples ability to learn, or simply remember the things that they do during the day therefore being able to do better at their job the following day. It would have the ability of improving the overall knowledge and productivity of the whole world. I’m thinking though that it may be just as useful in a local environment such as say a mining town where everyone works the same hours in the same place, as well as needing to be very attentive and responsive on the job, so it’s possible for them to change the working hours so that workers may take a 1-1.5 hour nap so that they are more attentive during the rest of the day, which could reduce the amount of accidents that happen regularly in a mine.


Discussion of the challenges you faced during the project and a description of how you overcame these challenges.

One of the challenges I faced while doing research on my topic was the lack of actual knowledge on just why the brain works the way it does, or why we even need to sleep. I overcame this by more so focusing on the results of studies and different experiments on how certain things, blue light and sounds, effect sleep, and how sleep effected different things, such as our mood or attentiveness, rather then focusing on how sleep itself works and why its there. Another challenge that popped up while I was doing research is that at points some sites contradicted others, an example of this would be exercise which some sites said is bad for your sleep while others said it was good for your sleep, the way I overcame that challenge was different from the previous; I decided to look up exercise’s effect on sleep and see which case seemed more reliable based off of studies and experiments as well as doing a count of which side came up more often and just what sites said this, and then came to a conclusion as which side seemed to be more prominent and correct.


Thank you for reading and for bearing with me through the past 4 research rounds!!!!!

Hope to see you on my next cycle!

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Hi Bogdan, congratulations on finishing your cycle! I found your metamorphosis very interesting to read and I think it was a great conclusion, and your research rounds were really informative and detailed which I really liked. Your research definitely did help me learn more and impact my own life.  My research was about dreams and at parts I did touch on sleep so I did learn a bit about how important it is to get enough sleep however, your research brought my knowledge further. I also appreciated how you looked into my suggestions and ideas so thanks for that, it really did answer the questions I had and furthered my knowledge a lot.  

Overall, great job this cycle! 


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