Metamorphosis - How does mindset impact mood, perception, and productivity?

Hey everyone,

I'm back to write the conclusion for my fourth cycle of research on how mindsets can impact our daily lives, how they shape us, and how they can be changed. 

What did I cover in my research rounds? (click on the red text to read them)

Round 1: what is a mindset, different kinds of mindsets, healthy vs unhealthy mindsets, how much our mindsets matter

Round 2: can we change mindsets (intentionally vs unintentionally), how does self-awareness impact ability to change, how do mindsets change with maturity

Round 3: emotions, our control over them, how mindsets impact perception

Round 4: emotional outbursts, why we cry, productivity, procrastination

Now, onto my conclusions!



This research cycle was significantly different from some of my previous ones. In some places I even was unable to come up with one certain answer, such as my research on crying + the causes. Additionally, it pushed me to let go of some of my personal opinions (such as how much control I think we have over our emotions) in favour of writing about different perspectives and theories. It really pushed me to access that idea of Scout over Soldier mindset  from the beginning of the course. 

As for the results, they showed me that you can't stay bitter over the actions someone may take in the moment; some people aren't good at controlling their emotions, and (regardless of how much potential there may be for them to control their actions) they may do or say things that are unintentionally harmful as an automatic response. I learned that bottling up emotions and specific methods of emotional control can be extremely unhealthy, and that although I may be able to regulate my emotions a certain way, maybe that doesn't work for someone else. This has impacted how I see certain individuals and the steps I personally take when frustrated with other people. 

In terms of mindsets themselves, what I have found is that I definitely lean towards more of a Fixed Mindset. This research really impacted me the most significantly; it pushed me to look at every action I'm afraid of taking and really question why I'm afraid of it (what can go wrong? what can go right?).


As touched on before, this has shaped me in a number of ways. This research has pushed me to strive for a healthier and more accepting mindset, to strive for better emotional understanding and awareness, and to really think about what I'm saying before I just blurt it out. I think the biggest change I faced was my awareness; I educated myself to be more aware of the implications of my actions, my thoughts, and the control I can take on my life. It has really stressed to me that I control what I do at the end of the day and that I shouldn't just hide behind an excuse of being afraid of something when I'm not truly afraid of it, I'm just afraid of what I think up.


If everyone in my community were to read this research, I think they would be able to attain a greater compassion for and tolerance of one another. Instead of holding onto a single scenario where someone snapped and (perhaps with no harmful intent) was mean to them, they could move past that and sympathize with why the outraged individual did so. On that note, it could help to diffuse tensions before they escalate if all involved parties take a moment to review how opposing parties view the situation. Additionally, my research on mindsets would inspire people to love learning the way it has inspired me. Also, it could help people living in Fixed Mindsets to get past their fear of failure in favour of the potential that they could achieve. 


In this research cycle I struggle in a way different from how I had struggled in previous ones. This cycle had complications different from ones I had faced in the past; namely, a lot of my conclusions weren't set stone. A lot of the things I researched were opinionated, research-backed theories instead of cold, hard facts. Lots of my theories I unearthed would conflict one another, especially my research on emotions. Inversely, with my research on mindsets, all the cites would refer to and quote one another, never telling me new information, just regurgitating what I already knew. Additionally, it was hard to find a site that wasn't just some blogger talking about their Top 10 Mindsets. It took a lot of deep-searching, cross-referencing, and patience to find reliable research. Also, when I was on a website I would see if they had cited any sources and follow those, too. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this cycle of research. I would pursue it further but I'm not quite sold on where I would go, so I think I'll start a new cycle in the next couple weeks. 

That's all, now! Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my research as much as I enjoyed finding it, haha


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Hi Joanna,

Great metamorphosis! I think it's good that you're incorporating what we learned in butterfly effect class about scout vs soldier mindset into how you conduct your research. Using a certain mindset to research information on other mindsets, I see!

I read some of your research throughout the cycle and I thought it was really interesting, and quite useful information too. I would say that I generally consider the words I use before I speak them (sometimes I even overthink what I say a little too much, in fact), but I think what I need to do is start straying away from the fixed mindset. I hate change, especially when I don't know what to expect out of something, and I hate being wrong and making mistakes. Trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone is a little scary sometimes, but it's something that is necessary in life. 

Your research was intriguing and really eye-opening, and I'm curious as to what you'll research next. Good luck!

Hey Joanna, I haven't read much of your research for this cycle but this last post makes really want to binge read all of it. I'm so glad you could get something out of this, especially with the topic being so personal to each and every one of us. I'm definitely excited to see what your next project will be.
Best of luck.

Hey Joanna!

I have read most of your rounds and have always learned a lot.  I really liked that your topic was something that you were able to implicate in your life, something that you could improve on and that it could make a difference in your life.  My subject was on euthanasia so as you can imagine, it wasn't something i could incorporate into my life(luckily).  It was always so interesting to read about our emotions and minds and how we deal and think can effect it so much.  I am learning that mindset is such a big factor in your success in life and this research really impacted that.  I'm really excited to read what you do next.  thanks for providing such interesting information!

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