Metamorphosis Cycle 5

Hey everyone,

This will be my conclusion of my previous cycle of research, and to wrap everything up, I'll be summarizing the impacts that this project had on me as well as how I believe this information could have a broader effect if exposed. I really enjoyed doing research throughout this past cycle, thank you to everyone who commented!

My question was: What role do ethics play in the production of GMOs?

I would definitely consider this project to have been subjective in relation to how I concluded it compared to my past projects' conclusions because the GMO debate has very strong arguments for and against their use, meaning that I will have to bring some personal biases into the matter. Despite that, I did make my best efforts to almost solely rely on the facts that I researched to form an educated opinion about the subject.

I found this was related to one of the main challenges I experienced during this project because many of the websites I checked for information were very opinionated and biased towards one side of the debate with not so many facts as there were "viewpoints" about certain pros and cons; therefore, I didn't feel like all of the websites had accurate information. This fact that it was hard to find reliable resources sometimes made it difficult because as I was trying to keep an open mind and an unbiased opinion throughout the project, it could've been easy to be swayed by very subjective (and not necessarily true) articles. 

Furthermore, I believe that this project has had an impact on the way I think. Even if, hypothetically, I hadn't concluded my research, just researching the pros and cons of the GMO debate made me more self-conscious about the food I was consuming; in terms of health as well as the energy and money it took to produce. I am definitely more inclined to purchase foods that have not been genetically modified simply because I prefer organic produce (in relation to pollution produced by transportation costs). Moreover, I believe that GMOs are extremely useful for increasing crop yield and increasing nutritional value. 

If this project was exposed, I think it could make a broader impact. Many people either strongly agree with GMOs or strongly oppose them. After doing this project, I have realized that having a balance of GMOs and non-GMOs is probably best for our world because evidently, there are well-based arguments to support both sides, but most people fail to see past only one perspective of the debate when the other half brings extremely relevant points to the debate. 

Conclusively, this project has raised my awareness of an increasingly relevant issue in our world and I hope it has impacted others on this site as well! I look forward to sharing my next project!

Maiya Callister

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I liked how you summarized what you learned and how researching this topic made you more aware of things you were eating! I also liked that you didn't completely conclude your topic and left it open to either sides of the argument

I found interesting that this topic raised awareness of the issue in our world also! I will be really looking forward to your next Inquiry Project! Good Luck! 

-Alice Y.

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