Lung Cancer Statistics

Hi guy I was away but was researching and this what I got .....                                                                                 Lung Cancer Statistics

Smoking is the principal cause of lung cancer,it is estimated to be responsible for 85% of all types of lung cancer.

The countries with the top 20 highest incidence of lung cancer in 2012 are given in the tables below.

RankCountryAge-Standardised Rate per 100,000 (World)
3North Korea44.2
5New Caledonia40.1
11The Netherlands37.2
12French Polynesia37.1
16France (metropolitan)35.0

 Countries with the highest rates of lung cancer

Lung cancer disease rates are the highest among Hungarian men.Lung cancer is defined by the rapid growth of cells in an individual’s lungs. This condition is further worsened if left untreated.The biggest cause of this condition is long-term smoking of tobacco.

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Hey Roba, 

Great inquiry and great round of research! I like how organized the statistics were and the image really helped to create an effect and an impact on the reader. The statistics of the countries are truly interesting, why do you think that there are some countries that have higher statistics than others? Could it be because of the commercialization of smoking products, because they are or aren't a developing country, because of the economy, or something else? It would be really cool if you looked into the "why" factors and explain how they can add up to create a population centralized on smoking. Also, you could find ways in which we can diminish the amount of people buying smoke products and how to convince the public of their harm.

Good luck!

Hi Roba,

Nice round of research! It is interesting how 85% of long cancer cases are caused by smoking, yet people still continue to do so today. It sad that lung cancer is often diagnosed late resulting in a not so good prognosis. It might be interesting to look into what can be done to discover the cancer before it is too late, as well as some new technology and treatments/cures that are being developed. 

Here are some websites that could help with your research: is a woman who survived stage four cancer with new treatments, but not lung cancer)

Good luck with your research!

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