Hello everyone I will once again look at how blue light can affect children's health and also their daily activities.We will see that when kids spend a lot of time on electronic devices that emit blue light,they will get a harder time in sleeping and therefore parents should keep away the gadgets away 2 to 3 hours to sleep .

Blue light can cause health problems to kids health.Let there be light. Just not blue light. The blue light emitted by our computers and electronic devices is getting a bad rap these days, as some scientists have warned people against  exposure to blue light before bed which can trigger alertness, reduce melatonin levels, and delay or disrupt sleep. As a result, we’re seeing a whole new opportunity of consumer products designed to protect us from blue light—such as blue light blocking glasses for computer use, a blue light filter for smart phones, and blue light screen filters for your e-reader.

What Can Parents Do to Protect their Kids from Blue Light?

Many parents urge a digital curfew on their kids, making sure they wind down with device-free time before bed. Some home Wi-Fi systems have parental controls that automatically turn off Internet access to your kids’ devices at a certain time each night. Specialists suggest powering off about one to two hours before bedtime, so the body can increase production of sleep-regulating melatonin.

For older kids who do their homework on a computer at night, blue light blocking glasses can help to filter out the powerful wavelengths. It’s also a good idea to dull the brightness of the computer screen. And for kids who keep on looking at their handheld devices well into the night, apps are available that reduce the screen’s blue light at a certain time each evening (the screen will take on a slightly orange-ish color, for better or worse).

Perhaps the best thing parents can do is practice what they preach, withhold from screen time themselves after a certain time each evening. Then the whole family might reap the merits of better sleep at night, and increased alertness and productivity during the daytime.




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Hi Dorcas!

Your research was really intriguing and well-written. Great job!

It's interesting to think about how something can be so useful as well as entertaining and detrimental to one's health all at once. But that's how technology is nowadays. I think it's just important that we know how we can use it properly; that is, we should use technology in ways that bring the most benefits and avoid any possible negative health effects that it may bring. I've heard before that not looking at a screen at least an hour before bed helps, but like you mentioned, this can be hard sometimes, because many students today have lots of homework that involve using computers, and unless they can get it done soon after school, they'll often be up on the computer shortly before they go to bed. Furthermore, many teenagers are extremely glued to their phones and it's the last thing they see before going to sleep. I think that the special blue-light filter glasses are an interesting idea, and I myself dim the brightness and use a blue-light filter on my phone at night, but I wonder how effective taking these precautions are. How much do they really protect us from blue light? Perhaps they do work well, but that may be something you want to look into if you're interested. It might also be interesting to see how these filters work.

Here are some websites you can take a look at:



Good luck!

Hi Dorcas,

That was a really great round of research! I loved how visually appealing the information was, which allows readers to retain a lot more of what they read. I also think that finding ways to reduce screen time is a much better alternative to finding ways to reduce the blue light emitted by screens. I believe that cutting down on the time that you are exposed to this detrimental light will be much more beneficial to your health than finding ways to minimize the exposure, such as the glasses that block some of the light as you mentioned. However, as you said in your research, some people require the use of electronics therefore they need to find ways to reduce the exposure, at these times glasses and other alternatives are very useful. All in all, this was a great research round and I can't wait to see where you're headed! Here are some websites for your next research round:



Hey Dorcas, 

This research is really well-done! It's laid out in a way that is easy to follow, and you raised lots of good points! Also, you had some visual aids which made the research very appealing. I especially liked the last point you made about parents having to set an example for their kids; I think that now as technology is introduced early on, this is extremely important to do as young kids are so impressionable. Seeing parents set limits on screen time themselves will have a psychological effect and hopefully induce kids to develop similar habits.

Great work!

Hi Dorcas!

I’m really interested in your research, I actually learned a lot from a couple of posts you made about this topic. And oh man it really scared me haha. I personally spend a lot of my nights working on a computer or phone because that’s where all the information lies for my homework. You mentioned how glasses could protect from blue light, but how do they work? And do they work at all?I found some articles if you’re interested. 




I am very excited for what you find next, keep up the good work!

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